Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chop Suey!

A few weeks ago {while on one of my grab -and-go Target runs} my kiddos discovered these...

while waiting at the deli. Don't get me wrong they have encountered them on more than one occasion when dinning at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

They begged to each take one set home. I was about to come back with a fast and firm NO when I thought to myself why not. I have been working on saying "yes" more often rather than taking the easier way out to save ME time and grief. I keep reminding myself they are only going to have one childhood so make it one they want to remember. Besdides, they were free to take right next to the plastic spoons and forks. So I allowed them each to take one.
That night they used their chop sticks at dinner {hot dogs and veggies}. Funny thing was they ate more using chop sticks than me begging them to finish their plate.

So lesson learned when you need your child to eat just whip out those chop sticks. Not only will they set happily eating. It's also a great hand eye coordination task for any age. Trust me I tried it too!


  1. Hey! Whatever to get them to eat their dinner right?!?

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  2. How funny, what a GREAT idea. I would have never thought of this.

  3. Ha, ha, this made me laugh. I did the exact same thing last night! I also resort to toothpicks. They will eat almost anything if they can stab it! Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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