Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Front Door

At long last I was finally able to attack my laundry room this weekend.
If your home is anything like mine the garage door is the front door.

No matter how hard I try everyone uses this as the main entrance into our home. And it was not a pretty site!
We used it for a dumping ground. I have to admit I had already picked it up before taking these before pictures.

I went with a custom green that I had scanned, from a sample of fabric, at my local Lowe's. I was nervous about what it would look like when dried. But, it really did turn out nice and I love it. The door got a new coat of black and is still waiting for a second coat.

Drumroll... this is the first thing that I have EVER sewed. I had three yards of fabric just waiting to be put to use. So I decided to sew a nice skirt for the workbench area. It got a bit tricky {not working with a pattern} trying to get the pattern in the fabric to match up. But all in all it worked out pretty good.
Now onto the kiddos bath room...I'm thinking a nice shade of green {smile}.


  1. Oh Ah! this is your redo,.this is my main entry point too.

    check out my door redos at:

  2. Oh, what a lovely functional AND pretty! If this was your first sewing project you certainly can't tell!

  3. So much better! It's all clean and pretty now. Good job

  4. Oh that is just gorgeous! What a welcoming area to come home to!

  5. That looks so amazing. I really like the fabric that you chose for under the counter and the door looks amazing!! It sounds like you are just like me just can't wait to get something posted despite wet paint or needing a second coat or two. Oh and by the way I love your back ground so colorful. Thanks for the little bit of inspiration!

  6. Absolutely lovely! Come do mine please!!!

  7. What a beautiful laundry room!! You did a great job! I really need to update my laundry room. Good luck on the bathroom.

  8. Very nice job. I really like your fabric curtain and the painted black door. I had a pass thru laundry at the last house and it's just so hard to keep everyone from leaving all of their stuff there.

  9. Best wishes on the next project - the kids bath! It looks to me as though you have learned well and we can't wait to see that next project on October 20th!
    Jayne at mysongwithin

  10. Your laundry room turned out great! I am doing mine for the procrastinator's party...Thanks for sharing...Love green also:)

  11. Beautiful! My laundry room needs some major help, too!

  12. I want a laundry room like this too. Looking for ideas for mine. Thanks for posting.


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