Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy Peasy!

Do you have a bunch of these laying around your house?

I have to admit I have somewhat of a ribbon/gift wrapping fetish. So I have spools of ribbon for just about everything. And came up with a easy and inexpensive way to do some seasonal decorating with them.Using different texture of ribbons works the best. I love combining netting, wire edged , and a loose formed ribbon.
I typically just tie it around whatever catches my eye.Sometimes I do bows...Sometimes I don't...

And, sometimes I do them both.
It's fun to find all the different ways you can use them.

And this is my latest victim that has scummed to my spray adhesive and glitter. My house is starting to shimmer everywhere, like one of those Mother Day's cards that you find has kindly graced all your nooks n' crannies with a faint dusting of glitter.


  1. Hi Kate ~ I love all your decorations...especially the skull head. I tried to do that with a paper mache one that I bought...just didn't turn out right. I have another one, so I'm going to give it another go!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. so great! i have hardly any halloween decor and this is a great way to make things i already have LOOK halloween-y! also--LOVE your mini pumpkins!

  3. I"m a ribbon lover too! Thanks for that!

  4. Love the ribbon adornments & I LOVE that glittered skull!

  5. Oh those little petite pumpkins are so cute! Love all the things you can do with ribbon!

  6. Oh girl, we could so be friends... I too have a gift wrap love/collection/addiction!!! I also have several misplaced glass canisters like you decorated with. Now with you as my inspiration I think new Halloween decor will soon be filling my house. Thanks for sharing and God's blessings! Sarah :D

  7. I put bows at Christmas time, but I never thought about Halloween! So cute - and I have a skull awaiting glitter right now.


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