Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's good to be home!

After returning home from my fourth week in N.Y.C. I like to think of it as if I have lived there for an entire month! And as much as I love absorbing all the different cultures and sites. It's always a joy to come back home.
I have so much to share and over 400 pictures! Crazy I know! So I have been working on a condensed post to share with you.

On our past visits we had taken in just about every tourist attraction the city had to offer. So I was excited this time to just get to hang out in the city rather than trying to make sure we see it all. We did visit two sites that we had not yet been to and I can't wait to share that with you.

With a little view of the Hudson River out our window. We have stayed in Times Square, Downtown on Madison Ave but this time we stayed in a wonderful place on the Upper West Side where You've Got Mail was filmed, and we loved it. The Lucerne is located at 79th and Amsterdam just a block from one of my personal favorites, Zabar's.It's a must every time we visit N.Y. And I was able to eat my favorite breakfast everyday I was there. I was one happy girl.
Nova cream cheese bagel and a apple juice. I LOVE this so much but it's hard to find it this fresh back home. Ryan tried it but gagged just one bit down and left the rest to me! This is the quintessential N.Y. grocery store. Having Opened in 1934 by Louis and Lillian Zabar.

They have more cheese than I have ever seen in one place.

Coffee from all over the world. And a fresh fish and meat market to die for. I have honestly bought food here to take home to have on Christmas Eve a few years back. Sad, I know.

First things first after arriving we had to get us something to eat. We walked a few blocks over to the Shake Shack.

I had seen a show on the Food Channel regarding this place and wanted to check it out.

The food was great and reminded me a lot of In and Out Burger on the West coast.

The Black and White hand dipped milkshakes are to die for. You can wait for a table or walk across the street and eat in the park at the Natural History Museum.

A MetroCard is a must when you are visiting this fast city. You are going to walk more than you ever have, all on concrete. So it's nice to just hop on the Subway and let it take you where you need to go. Did you know N.Y.C. public transportation is the largest in the world.After you adjust to the lack of fresh air you will enjoy and see more of the true side of New York.

We were in town to catch the Yankee's vs. Red Sox games so I had planned to visit a few things that I wanted to see. Our first stop was Chelsea Market. I was so excited to see where Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and the Food Channel shopped.

Chelsea Market houses several shops at street level while filming for the shows takes place upstairs.

We stopped by Eleni's...
She has lot's a beautiful cookies .

One fabulous fresh food market .

And I was so excited to visit Chelsea Market Baskets. I had read an entire story on them in a Paula Deen magazine.

But, this is what I saw when we arrived
Are you kidding me?However, Ryan was thrilled to learn that this is where MLB.Com offices are located.Who would have thought they would be in the meat packing district?

With the kiddos back home we were able to eat at a few places that only served either wine or water.
Our first night we chose authentic Italian food at Spiga.

We were so hungry that I plum forgot to take any pictures of our fabulous Cannelloni Di Mozzarella E Ricotta Di Bufala Con Passata Di Pomodoro { homemade buffalo mozzarella and ricotta cannelloni served in a light tomato sauce} Or as I explained to Ryan Cannelloni filled with cheese and spaghetti sauce!

With our happy stuffed little tummy's we were ready to call it a night. As we walked along Columbus Ave. and turned the corner to walk the block up to our hotel this is what I found just 4 tiny little doors down.
A Goodwill!
Can you believe it! Smack dab in one of the poshest area's in the city. I went in the narrow little store to find Prada, Gucci, Burrberry and girls these were not the knock off ones. They did not have many housewares at all. But I did stumble on an entire set of Ballard Design dinner plates, salad plates and bowls for just $1.99 each.Sadly, I could not justify carrying home 30 pounds of china so I had to settle on just two.
Can't wait to share with you our visit to SoHo, NoHo, Chinatown, Empire State building and Katz's Deli tomorrow.

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