Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well Hannah won... that is she one at the first kiddo to miss class ,this year, for being sick.
It's inevitable this time of year. Allergies are at an all time peek. And regardless to our ritual drug takin' one of us is bound to get sick. This time it was Hannah, again.

Almost to the day last year when she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia we where back at her pediatrician. However, this year, being a year older ,she is able to take the pill versions of the antibiotics rather than the liquids. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

We almost did a happy dance right there in the office. Visions from last year's "white" liquid still were to fresh to even think of.

So my blog has suffered this week. I do have to put the children first {smile}. I am just thankful it wasn't my hubby who got sick this time around.

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