Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who me? Stylish?

I am so honored to have been given the stylish blog award by
Jac O’ lyn Murphy. I love to visit her site and see all the great ideas she creates. I am loving her latest Valentine idea!

So I am supposed to tell you guy’s 7 things about me, you don’t already know!

1. I meet my husband at Target in 1991; I was just 16 years old. We dated for 6 years and will be married for 15 this year. Folks, I am not feeling so much like a Spring Chicken anymore! But think I have the best husband in the world.

2. Sadly, I hate to admit I drink at least 7 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper, a day! I have to add I drink just the same amount in water, a day, too. Does that make it ok?

3. I am not patient. AT ALL…God continues to help me along with two kiddos and a hubby. I am a work in progress.

4. I have a HUGE fear of public bathrooms. No need to explain.

5. I am Dyslexic. And if you have read {raed} this blog for sometime, you know!

6. I cannot for the life of me work my husband’s high tech remote for our TV. I just give up and walk over to the receiver to turn it.

7. I can pack a car like no body’s business. People stand back in ahh that I can make it all fit. My Goodwill pals think I have an amazing gift… LOL!

And now I am paying it forward to a few stylish blogs that I love to stalk.

1. it is what it is
2. the fickle pickle
3. Kids Create
4. Studio JRU
5. lee la la
6. Beyond the Screen Door


  1. Yes You! I love that you met your husband at favorite place :)

  2. You are a Super wife and mom, for which I am truly thankful!!
    Since I am your mother-in-law I know this to be true!!


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