Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well its official!

359 Days until Christmas 2011!

My family and I enjoyed the break in our daily routine over Christmas including eating, gift giving, avoiding the internet, eating, eating, and eating and and a few other things I did…

• Walked into a liquor store for the very first time at the ripe ole age of 35. Just to buy a bottle of Amaretto to bake bread pudding.

• Store failed to note my age and card me!

• I purchased the full line of Olay age defining creams!

• Gave a puppy a bath, twice!

• Learned that they really like to dig holes outside just after getting all cleaned up.

• Received the perfect box from my favorite store filled with my favorite breakfast.

• Learned to make k-cup coffee.

• Did not cook a meal at home for over 10 days straight.

• Watched my little guy take his first “alone” swim strokes in a swim suit two sizes to small on New Year’s Eve.

• Realized that my home will be “glittering “in the most unusual places for the next 6 months.

• Watched the first three movies from Star Wars with my kiddos who had never really even heard the theme song.

• Then watched them play out Light Saver scenes in the living room.

• Worked a baseball camp, in an indoor football facility, and learned just how dirty that turf can get a 6 year old.

• Did not check one thing of my to do list.

• Enjoyed pancakes at the Original Pancake House in Plano, TX.

• As a fun thing to do on Christmas day I bought my first ever scratch off lottery cards for everyone to play. Only one person won…ME…$40 bucks! My sister swears it was rigged.

• Watched the Nativity Story 5 times and each time cried at what my God did for me.

Can't wait till next year, who knows by then I just might get something marked off that to-do-list!


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