Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ryan was away in Nashville last weekend soaking up the Grand Old Opry Hotel for this year’s College Baseball Clinic. So the kids and I planned a little date night out.

First catching Yogi Bear in 3D. Yes, he still feels the need to pop up peace sign fingers just to get me going!

I actually got to watch it with a vibrating chair! The sweet young teen sitting next to me had some serious issues and tapped her left leg the entire movie! No joke I was staring at her as my chair rocked back and forth, she was clueless. I must be getting old!

The kids loved the show and I did my best to be "smarter than the average bear"! We then headed downtown to visit our newest cupcake shop. If you know us, you know we have a family passion for cupcakes. And visit them in every city that we travel to.

Pinkitzel- is a play on two words- pink and kitzel- which means tickle in Yiddish. And to say we were tickled pink would be an understatement!

Just look at the entrance to this place.

This is so much more than a cupcake joint.

 It’s also a candy shop with just about everything you can imagine.

Along with the cutest holiday gifts

And baby “must haves”!

Check out the cupcakes!

Along with a flavored milk bar, bottle sodas and the cutest water bottle you have even seen.

Then we visited the party rooms!

First up was the vintage circus theme

Down to the glass milk bottle drinking cups!

And then the most perfect party room for any tween, teen, baby shower or bridal shower.

We spent over and hour in this place and it was packed at 10pm on a Friday night. It has almost a cupcake lounge vibe to it. And although the atmosphere is to die for the cupcakes are good, just not great. For $3.50 each they are no bigger than what you make at home. They are most and tasty just not over the top delish like I have had here and here.

We left smiling from ear to ear and can’t wait to take daddy back to see our new find!

If you are living in or visiting the OKC area this is a must stop and see shop!


  1. What a cute place, but what a bummer that the cupcakes weren't over the top to die for!

  2. WOW those cupcakes are perfection!

  3. WOW, that place looks amazing. Most places I go for cupcakes are just ::meh:: something I could do from home, but it makes it such a special place when it's decked out like that! WOW!

  4. I can't wait to take my grandaughter. As far as other cupcake places, none of them seem to have everything. It just depends on what your looking for on any given day.


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