Friday, January 28, 2011

Goodwill Gathering

Did a little bit of GW shopping this week…

Five yards of vintage lace for $.99 cents.

Super cute tin candy box stamped England on the bottom, $1.89. I am not sure why I have been drawn lately to vintage candy boxes. So many different ways to use them.

Mint condition 1963 children’s book in French, $.50 cents. I think these pictures would be so cute framed in a nursery.

And 20 books of sheet music dated 1912-1961. Half of them are in French and aged to perfection. I have a million and one crafts lined up for these sheets and have been to busy to start any of them, $6.49 for all 20!

This being one of them;

                                              {  jones design company }

Getting excited for spring to come when the pickens’ start to get real good!


  1. Love it all, I wish I could go shopping with you :)

  2. Wow are these from the GW in Norman? I stopped going because I wasn't finding much but you really got some amazing things!

  3. Awesome. What great things you can do with all of it and especially those music sheets.


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