Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crock Pot Steak Soup

I am not sure what part of the country you live in but here at my house {cue music} baby its cold outside!

Perfect for a crock pot recipe given to me from a dear friend at one of my bridal showers many, many moons ago, ha!

Steak Soup

5 Cups Water
6 beef bouillon cubes
1 can beef broth
1 onion, chopped {finely}
1 tsp. pepper and salt
1 T. celery salt
3 potatoes, peeled and chopped
1 small can peas, drained
1 lb. chopped round or sirloin steak, 1 inch cubes

Mix all ingredients and cook on medium or high ALL DAY in crock pot. 1 hour before serving, melt ½ cup butter and whisk in ½ cup flour. Then whisk into soup and cook medium. We like to top ours with a little bit of cheese.

Hearty and oh so yummy.

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  1. This really sounds and looks great. I will add this my January Crock Pot meals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This looks delicious! I can't wait to give it a try. Keep on crocking!

  3. Hi Kate,
    This looks like a great Steak Soup and easy in the Crock Pot. Thank you for sharing and you have a great week.

  4. It's pretty cold here in Kansas! This soup looks like the perfect thing to eat on a cold winter day.

  5. This sounds beyond delicious! I am bookmarking this :) Happy New Year!

  6. Another one of your recipes I'm going to have to try! This looks delicious! Just made your Southern Beef Rice Casserole for supper tonight and ALL my family liked it! And believe me, I had a hard time trusting you with the 2 TBSP Chili Powder! LOL! But I did it!

  7. Love crock pot soups, especially in the winter. This looks delicious.

  8. A crockpot recipe! Wonderful! I am trying this. I love crockpot recipes, particularly in the dead of winter. It's cold here too.

  9. Love this! Would like to invite you over to Fat Camp Friday @ Mangoes and Chutney. The linky is up all weekend and one blogger from the linky party is featured every Wednesday.

  10. Thanks so much for this recipe! I made it the other day and my family loved it. My son took my crock pot back to college with him so he could make it at school! Thanks to you, I now have to go buy a new crock pot!!!haha

  11. What would you do if you were using leftover steak? When would you add it to avoid overcooking the meat?


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