Monday, January 17, 2011

Eye Spy with My Little Eyes

Ok, Sooooo…I roughly clean out our living room chairs about once a week. Well I admit that with Christmas I have neglected my task for a few weeks. I dug in yesterday and this is what I found;

Let’s play a little game of eye spy

1 tube of soft lips Chap Stick
1 Cheerio
1 Tootsie roll wrapper
1 Stick of gum {still in wrapper}
3 String cheese wrappers {thankfully no string cheese}
1 pin
10 glass marbles
31red and green M&M’s
1 K-cup wrapper
4 Trio building blocks
1 empty Claries earring card
1 plastic juice box straw wrapper
1 Top of a spencils tube
1 Quarter
2 Rice Krispe cereal pieces
1 orange nerf gun bullet
1 shred of brown wrapping paper
1 Topics playing card

You would think after all that I would find a little bit more money than just a quarter!


  1. HAHA thanks for the laugh this morning. I am sure if you looked in my couch you'd find very similar findings :)

  2. hmm.. I think maybe I should dig into my couches.

  3. Ok, now I understand why you clean out your chairs once a week! I thought, Oh, my word! I'm lucky if I get mine cleaned out twice a year! I'm sure I did it more often when the kids were younger, simply because we were always searching for lost items! LOL!


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