Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gotta Love a Foam Core Board!

Our master bedroom curtains really needed a little “umff”. So you know that meant  I had to get my thinking hat on!

I remembered a post I read here about how she created a pelmet box for her daughter’s bedroom windows. It was fast, cheap and looked fabulous! All those things fit into my requirement box!

Here is what we had before I got to work.
Yes, I know the pictures stink; the light just did not want to work with me.
And neither did my sheet rock.

Ummm… looks like I will be googling “how to patch holes in your sheet rock” sooner than later.
I purchased 2 large foam core boards, 2 small foam core boards, light batting {from the bolt}, "look of leather" fabric { face it, it's up high and none will ever be that close to it} and nail head trim.
I started by measuring the length and deepth I wanted them to be, then using an x-acto knife cut them out to fit.
Clear packing tape was used to hold them together.

Then a staple gun was brought in to secure the batting and fabric to the foam core. Then I pushed the nail head trim in just like a thumb tack and I was done.

My only dilemma was how to hang them. Sure, they where light weight but the size of them was unreal. I ended using super glue to glue on a metal curtain rod.

I will be linking up at these great blogs today Toot in Tuesday's - All Things Realted - Toot Your Horn Tuesday- Take -a-Look Tuesday - Tutorial Tuesday
Perfect! The look I wanted at a price I can live with…


  1. that looks FANTASTIC!! love it.

  2. What a great idea! I would never guess there's foam board under there. So Pretty!!

  3. These are really pretty, Kate! I had seen this as well and was going to try a really small sized one for a small bathroom window, but it just got frustrating for me. Plus, I was trying to put scallops in. Yours look really nice over the drapes.

  4. No one can tell that is not made of wood. Great job.

  5. WHAT?! You did not just pull that off! It looks fantastic! I would never have guessed what it was made of!

  6. You should Toot Your Own Horn, it looks amazing!

  7. I didn't comment the other night when I visited your blog, but I think these look amazing. You should be so proud of yourself! :)

  8. These look GREAT!! Thanks so much for the tutorial...I hope to try this! :)


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