Thursday, June 3, 2010

I like to call it Momnesia!

I am a 35 year old grown educated woman and I aloud this to happen to me last weekend.
Shocking isn’t it? If you look closely you can make out faint finger print marks on both shoulders.

Or maybe you see the energizer bunny like I did the first time my eyes laid upon my back.

So, if you are planning a lovely day at the lake with family and friends I encourage you to allow them to place sunscreen, of some degree, on those hard to reach places! If not you will end up looking a bit like the above.

Cringing to shower and sleeping on your back as your kiddos hover amazed that they can feel heat raising from your back.

I did find some relief with a couple of new BFF’S!
They are available to purchase at any drugstore if you are so unlucky this summer to look a bit like I did. They pinky promised to help my skin not peel, I'll keep ya' posted. 

 Who said you can’t buy friends?


  1. Ouch!!! Hope you feel some relief soon!!! Take care!

  2. Ouch! I can't remember the last time I got sunburn. I try to stay in the shade as much as possible. But I know with chasing after my little one, avoiding the sun won't be so easy as it's been these past few years!

  3. Ouch, that's a bad one! Why is it that burns always seem to happen when one is wearing an odd shaped top? Just to let you know Burt's Bees makes an after sun lotion that works well for me.

  4. Oooh, I feel your pain! Hope it feels better real quick.

  5. Oh No! I know that pain and feel for you! Funny how we remember to spray the kids & hubby down, but no us! I hope you get some relief soon!

  6. Make a very strong back of tea up let it cool completely, then apply to sunburn, I used a spray type bottle, the tannin in tea takes away the burn,Tylenol helps too. Good Luck hope you feel better. Bridget Orlando FL

  7. Ouch!! That looks sooooooooo sore! I hope it gets better soon, I will pray that it does!


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