Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gaines Art Gallery

This is the small little hall that leads to my kiddos bedrooms that we turned into our art gallery.

I am sure all you mom's know the excess of art work that your kiddos can bring home. I hate to just toss it so I came up with this idea. The art gallery displays artwork from the 1st of one month till the next.

This was taken at the end of October before I removed the art work. Not only does it stay seasonal but allows me time to decide just what I want to keep and what needs to be tossed. Not to mention the proud felling that they get when guest complement their art.

I used this Bygel Rail {$1.99 each} from Ikea.

And these Dignitet curtain ring clips {$4.99 a bag} also from Ikea.

I know that the rails come in multiple lengths and I think they would look great in any playroom.


  1. Love this idea - and it looks so cool, too!


  2. Oh I so love this idea. I also have taken their masterpieces through the years and framed them and put them going up the walls of our second set of stairs that leads to the bedrooms. The walls up the stairs are just their works of art. Thanks for this great tip!

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  3. Great idea! I have an area where I want to have the kids display their artwork - and I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to attach their masterpieces. This is very clever. This is my first time to your lovely blog - I will be back!


  4. This is such a great idea & perfect price tag! This would be cool in a scrapbook or craft room as well for us adults!


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