Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another First!

We had another “first” last night.  You know the first time they say mama, the first tooth, that first step and the first head laceration!

Yep, we thought he would never make it to the age of 3 before we ended up in the emergency room. But he turned 5 last week and had his first set of stitches last night, all four of them.

It started off as a great night. I got home early prepared dinner, cleaned up and packed lunches. Hannah had a friend over and they were all getting along. I sat down at the table to work on a few craft projects that I can’t wait to share with you

And then it happened! First I heard the crash followed by two hysterical tween girls. Then there he was standing in the kitchen with a look of shock and a few tears holding his head. I thought no big deal until he removed his hand. That’s when the words hit me “facial wounds bleed a lot”! I screamed for Ryan, a scream that meant get in here now, rather than a “what ya need”. He held the towel to his head as I grabbed shoes and sent Hannah over to her friend’s house.

We jumped in the car and headed to the minor emergency room. Arriving just 15 minutes before they closed we had no wait and got right in. All Gabe wanted to do was to look at it. So I just happened to have my camera with me and he gladly posed.

This is him eyeballing the sucher kit the doctor was preparing. He was such a big boy. The doctor explained that the shot he was going to give was going to hurt. Ryan, the nurse, and I held him still as his bottom lip quivered and sweat beads gathered on his nose. But, he never cried! He just wanted to know when it was going to be over.

After stopping by Braum’s for an Orange Sherbet ice cream cone we arrived back home. He could not wait to show Hannah. I never would have thought he would be HAPPY about his stitches.

This morning his sister got up early and made him breakfast in bed and was doing whatever he asked. I’m thinking he thinks this isn’t such a bad idea. My guess is it won't be the last time he meets a doctor with a needle and thread.


  1. Oh that looks so painful! What a brave little boy you have. The girls will think that's cool when he's older (much older!)

  2. Boys ~ they will be the death of their mothers! I remember my son needing stitches. I think he was 3 and it was by his eye. They had to strap him to that board and he was crying out for me. They had to give me a stool to sit on {apparently my color didn't look too good!}. I thought that was the beginning of many trips to the ER, but thankfully that didn't happen.


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