Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's go...Yankee's!

I am sure it comes as no surprise that we are a family of HUGE Yankee fans. It all began with #7 Mickey Mantle being from our home state and my father-in-law going to High School with Bobby Mercer.So the tradition began long before I joined this family of Yankee men and somehow it has rubbed off on me and my offspring!

We just had to go watch the Yankee's last year on the Fourth of July as it was the last season "in the house that Ruth built". And we just had to go watch the Yankee's this season at the new stadium and the house that Jeter is building!
Ryan signed us up for a "behind the scenes tour" the day before the game. And we had the opportunity to visit the Yankee Museum... The Yankee Monuments...And the dugout!

Exiting to you I am sure. But for us it holds a sense of tradition and history and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Every wonder what a $450.00 {each} seat looks like?

This is what we looked like, knowing that we didn't have to pay that ,'cause hub's is a Director of a Division 1 baseball program ...thank the good Lord!

From watching Jeter up at bat. Beating on Freddie's ole' tin pan {this man has been coming to EVERY home game for the last 55years} and the next time you watch a Yankee game listen closely as you can hear the ringing of his long and true tradition at home. We even got to meet Spike Lee and have him sign the limited addition hat that he designed this season.

This was my girly touch for the day. And a total disappoint for me. I was really looking forward to having lunch at Bobby Flays Mesa Grill. I had made the reservations weeks ago. But one clue should have been ,when we arrived, that we were the only ones eating at the time.

Don't get me wrong, the food was good and hot. But a lot like my local Charleston's Restaurant.I had to take just a few bites before I licked this plate clean.
It was a good meal but I think I was expecting great! It was at this moment that I realized I like the soda pop restaurants my kiddos so love. This was the last water or wine only place that we dined!

I did make it back up 5th avenue and was able to try and capture a few shots of the fabulous architecture that graces this city everywhere you look. Starting at Rockefeller Center.

Saks on 5th always has outrageous displays gracing their store windows. The last Christmas I spent here you had to wait in line just to get a peak. This building was established in 1902 and was home to an array of musicians who took advantage of the soundproof construction.

This is about as close as I will every be to the posh St. Reggis hotel.

Grand Central Station has such beautiful designs.

And windows to die for.

Another breathtaking church on 5th Ave.
Ryan came home yesterday and informed me he has two tickets to the World Series at Yankee Stadium. I just looked at him for a moment and said call your dad you can't pass that up. So in a couple of weeks he will be headed back east. I'm beating the weather will be a tad bit different for him this time around.

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