Friday, October 2, 2009

I Got {Twiggy} With it...

Here ,in Oklahoma, we have our far number of ice storms. Leaving this great state with lots of this...
So last night I had the kiddos go hunting for me some twigs and I think they did a great job. I used the cheapest black spray paint I could find {.96 cents a can at Walmart} because these sticks sucked it all right up.

We placed a few at the front door. I put a vase of them in the entry way and stuffed the base with hay.
And I plan on putting more around outside with spooky cobwebs for a Halloween party we are throwing later this month.
I picked up these two cheap little goodies at Goodwill this week. And really would love to get my hands on some more of those candle sticks! If I remember right I got them both for $4.25. After my trusty black spray paint got hold of them they turned out pretty cute.

Yes, I have sunk to a new low and glitter dotted my real life pumpkins. Someone really needs to take my glitter bottles away. Maybe I need to think about donating them to my sons Pre-K class {smile}!

All I did for the pumpkins was take a little black deco paint, paint dopers and dot all around my pumpkins. Then I just sprinkled my super fine Martha glitter on the wet paint.

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  1. I love all things Halloween. Those polka-dot pumpkins are too cute; I just may have to give them a try. I’m now wising I would have bought that large candle stick at Goodwill today. It would have looked great next to the fire place with a fun polka-dot pumpkin resting in it. Oh and I love the glittered skull on your table.
    Thought I would let ya know I’ve I just did a day long Halloween Extravaganza over at my blog. I posted Halloween themed blogs several times throughout the day to celebrate October 1st. Tons of Halloween goodness to look at if your interested :0)
    Hope you’re having a great Friday!

  2. I love the black painted twigs! You can never have too much glitter also...

  3. Very cute! Love the polka dot pumpkins!

  4. Hello! I've got a black sticks project to post in the next day or so. Yours look great and I love how you styled your home for fall. Love the glittery polka dots, too! Happy fall!

  5. Love it all, thanks for the wonderful and fun ideas!!! Happy Halloween to you.

  6. Oh, I just love this look. I saw a house yesterday that had 2 urns filled with black twigs. Love it!! I also like your dotted pumpkins :)


  7. Love your blog, adore the pokadot pumpkin, so creative. You sure can pick up some neat things at the thrift store...everything looks wonderful..,.thanks for sharing, come visit ;me

  8. Great job! The polka dot pumpkins are my favorite. So cute!
    pk @ room remix

  9. Great ideas! Love those polka dot glitter pumpkins...I just cannot get over how a lowly pumpkin can be turned into something so awesome with a bit of imagination :o)
    Love all your other decor as well. I'll be afollowin'!
    peace, cindy
    (I'm having my first ever giveaway, love to have you pop over and visit...)

  10. oooo, yay! This is so cute! I've been thinking about using twigs, and you've inspired me! I think I might have an idea ... Thanks for sharing, and inspiring!

  11. Love the sticks, Love the 31, love the ribbon on top of the glittery pumpkins, Love, love LOVE it!

  12. I like the sticks!! Hey we will just call you the glitter queen--it is cute.


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