Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Have you been BOO-ed?

I have a confession...

Sometimes I am a tad bit annal retentive.Here is a perfect example of my madness...

A couple of days ago we got BOO-ed! As you know after you have been BOO-ed you must hang the ghost in your window so you won't be BOO-ed again, and the fun will continue on for another family. So, first I tried just cutting it with a pair of scissors. But I just could not get a straight line. I had to bring in my mini paper cutter to do the job. I hit a new low thinking that the "been BOO-ed" sign must be straight. Sad, sad I know!

Any hoot...we must now "BOO" two of our neighbor friends. So last night I was looking around thinking what do I have here that I can use to "BOO" someone? Then it hit me to make a candy apple kit. Using two apples from the frig, sucker sticks, Carmel melting balls, Halloween sprinkles, chocolate melting cubes and Halloween M&M's all from my pantry. Tossed in few candy corn taffy and tada... The perfect You've Been BOO-ed treat! You can click here to print out your own FREE "You've Been BOO-ed" sheet. Also check out Frugal Fridays for more fabulous ideas!


  1. I love that ... we may have to steal your idea when we get booed! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That’s too funny! I was in my Mom’s neighborhood around this time last year and could not for the life my me figure out why people had printouts of ghost in their windows. Every time my fiancée and I drove through my Mom’s neighborhood we would try to think of reasons why some people had them and others didn’t. I finally decided that the houses with the ghost printouts were the houses that were passing out candy that year (I know, I’m not sure where my head goes sometimes).

    I saw your picture of the printout and it ALL made sense. I’ll have to call my Mom and fiancées and fill them in.

  3. Can I just say that you are my new best friend?? I totally love this idea and I just got "boo-ed". I am also excited to try the oven cleaner on my shower!! I can use all the tips I can get when it comes to deep cleaning. Those two words together just give me the heebie geebies.
    ~Andy @ Poppies@ Play

  4. What a great idea!!! (And I'm with you on the paper cutter thing...I would have done that too.) ;-)

  5. Cute, fun idea. We did the Boo thing in our old neighborhood 10 years ago. My kids loved it back then and it was so fun to drive down the surrounding streets and see little ghosts hanging from the front doors. The whole neighborhood really got into it.


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