Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just the Cutest Thing...

I love to visit Amy Locurto blog Living Locurto.

She always has fabulous little goodies waiting to share with us all.

And today she had this to share...
How stinkn' cute is that. And what a great idea for a teacher or neighbor{but i would have to spray paint that lid}. Go visit her site she has a FREE download for you to use to create your own Halloween M&M cookie Jar.

On another note...Life and work have kept me very busy these past few weeks and I am expecting it to for the next few. But it has been heavy on my heart that I share this with you.

I love all Holidays that allow my creative juices to flow. But, Halloween is a tricky one. Let me start by stating that I in NO WAY support the meaning behind this pagan holiday. I, like many other Americans, celebrate the secular side of Halloween. Never will I promote witches, devils and the evil that Halloween stands for. I do however celebrate pumpkins and share with my kiddos how neat it is to see God's creations down to all His tiny details{pumkin seeds n' all}. It gives my family an opportunity to witness to those around us with a small gift and a smile. Now, if only if I can convert other Americans away from the secular side of Christmas to the true meaning of the birth of our Lord and Savior. This should be each of ours daily goal.


  1. How cute....going to go check her blog out now..thanks for sharing!

  2. You have just the cutest blog, and your kiddos are absolutely adorable ( I went back and peeked at the Hippie Halloween costume, too cute!)
    I'm from Dallas and I spent many a Fall at the State Fair, so I know you guys had an absolute blast.
    So nice to meet you!


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