Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This was me five years ago. Nine months pregnant and swollen deluxe! I was ready to have this baby and was happy for the doctor to schedule it at any time!
So five years ago today I had my second child , a bouncing baby boy {smile]. I love the expression on big sisters face as she met her brother for the first time.

It was love at first site for us all.

Don't you just love peach fuzz sweetness on a new born?
Spring forward 5 years to today.This was his birthday shirt he got to wear. However, as you can tell by the frown on his face he has lost some of that new born charm!
I am in love with the etsy shop My Personalized T-shirt. They have fabulous little goods at such a reasonable price. Remember they are only going to wear this one time in public. A great Big Happy Birthday to my little blessing!
I wanted to share with you and ice cream treat that we made for the Halloween Birthday bash.
I found this in Mathew Meads new Halloween publication this year and thought it would be perfect. Gabe's favorite ice cream happens to be orange sherbet. I used 2 gallons of vanilla ice cream and two gallons of orange sherbet. Soften the vanilla and place in a mixing bowl. I added yellow food gel coloring until I got the yellow I was looking for. I then placed it in a large gallon zip lock bag. Cutting a corner off I pipped it into plastic mini glasses that I purchased at the Dollar Store. Then placed them in the freezer to set. Meanwhile I softened the orange sherbet and followed the same steps. Finally topping them off with another layer of plain vanilla with sprinkles. They looked just like a candy corn and were oh so yummy!

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