Thursday, December 22, 2011


This past October we took our family vacation to a great little spot.

Known as Oahu, Hawaii.

We drank fresh coconut milk with fried apple bananas.

We enjoyed SOOOOO much while there.

We visited Pearl Harbor

Hung with The Duke at Waikiki Beach

This picture was taken by a local resident with our boat guide on Waikiki. I love the the fact that we are so out of focus... We look like we are on a green screen!

Climbed Diamond Head in under 20 minutes

Snorkeled in Hanauma Bay

Drove the coast line

Watched the surfers on the North Shore

Visited the original Dole Plant, and lugged 6 pineapples back to the main land.

King Kamehameha

Check out these trees....they do not grow like this in Oklahoma. I think people are always amused with my love of trees when we travel.

Got native tattoos

Took our Christmas card pictures

I love this one because I look like a deer in headlights!

and ATE A LOT!

Traditional  Polynesian Donuts

Shrimp Truck...

After Shrimp Truck...

I am a HUGE, HUGE lover of all things fish. The kiddos not so much.

Poi with fresh squid

And one of our favorite spots....

In Hawaii they LOVE their shaved ice. The kicker is they put fresh vanilla ice cream in the bottom. I am one that does not like to mix her foods . But this was out-of -this world delish!

And soaked in the glorious sun!

Now that it's the dead of winter I long to be on the sunny beaches of the Island.

We had a fabulous trip! And look forward to maybe one day returning to visit a few more Islands.

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