Friday, May 27, 2011

Yes, We are TURE Yankee Fans!

I know we have all seen and created Jib Jabs of our friends and family. But when I got this one I could not pass it up!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Kelly's Home Part Two

I think if Kelly was mom when I was growing up I would never want to leave my room!

Check out her daughter’s fabulous digs!

I think she has a love for all things color and ugly dolls.

Her to die for vanity.

And I am in L-O-V-E with this tutu dress form. Filled with vintage lapel and hat pins that she has collected. Some belonging to her grandma!

Record albums from Kelly’s favorite childhood bands are framed on the wall.

Her daughter has a love for fashion and creating {wonder where she gets that?}. So there is a dress form in almost every corner.

This is one of Kelly’s favorite projects she did. Turning an old whicker dress form into a paper mached cutie!

When I saw that her son had a fireplace mantle for a headboard I had to ask where she finds all these great things.

Her all time favorite hunting ground is the first Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. She has been going for the past twenty years. She can spend the entire weekend there and still not see everything. Her newest spot would be The Rink in Bethany Oklahoma. An old roller rink turned into junk/antique lover’s dream.

Seeing that her husband is a baseball coach, it’s only fitting to have a basket full of baseballs as a night stand.

Sadly Kelly’s only down fall is the fact she is from Texas {smile}. Her love for the state is reflected in her son’s room.

She has a dead tree in her master bedroom from her home town. It’s just the coolest next to the zebra print chair.

Some people collect shoes others purses but, Kelly collects jewelry.

Awe…how nice would it be to have that selection every morning?

 It’s her DREAM to one day open her own shop. To be a “Junk Gypsy” or an “American Picker” and travel the back roads searching for junk. Bringing it all back to her own shop for us to enjoy. I know I’d be the first in line.

Can’t wait to show you what she creates for her home. It’s something that she can do for you too!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kelly's House Tour Part 1

This is my fabulous beautiful and very talented friend Kelly.

I have always adored her home and her style. So with a little arm twisting I talked her into allowing us all to take a little home tour.

 I consider Kelly to be a Junk goddess. She, however, disagrees at “goddess” status but is certainly something she aspires too. She is my only friend that has a lifesized wood mermaid in her living room.

 When you first walk into her home the floor plan is the first jaw dropping moment.

Such a great open space to work with.

Her entry way is garnished with this fabulous bench and pillows she has picked up on her many “hunts”.

See that angel head in the back ground of her daughters picture?
It was in the trash can. So she dug it out and brought it home to place here.

The dining room has so many stories.

From the $35.00 green velvet chair and $12.00 pillow.

To the buffet that was her grandmas and now has taken on a second life to display her many collections.

What I enjoy most about Kelly’s home is how everything you see has a memory. Something that reminds her, and her family, of where they have been and where they are going.

From the house plans of her childhood home framed for all to see.

To the wine cork wreath that reminds her of her father and is love of wine.

She rarely shops with an idea or agenda of something specific. Some of her favorite things are things she has stumbled upon during her “freestyle” shopping outings. Junking for her is a sport, a hobby, or if she were to be completely honest, an ADDICTION!

I asked her what her favorite spot in the house was. She replied “I don’t really have a favorite spot in our home. I love being home, and in every room of the house, with the exception of the laundry room! I have favorite things that bring to mind a happy memory or significant meaning to me. I like to feel comforted and surrounded by family pictures, gifts from friends, and special collections that make any house we live in feel like home. There is something in every room that makes it my favorite place in the house.”

Her creative work space is so inspiring.

From the orange practice deer head that she paper mached and added antlers too. To the rolling wire laundry basket, collection of pins and trinkets.

Books are in every corner that you look at. She has found inspiration in the pages of those books from some of her favorite artiest like Patricia Nix and her all time favorite Frida Kahlo.

Kelly loves Mexican art and Mexican traditions.

She is inspired by nature. And would rather have an old dead tree in her house than fake greenery. She has always wondered why use fake when there is so much real, beautiful and FREE plant life right out your front door!

This is one of Kelly’s favorite scores. An old church lectern that she found in an antique mall in Denison, TX. Rescued form an old church about to be torn down. It now resides in her kitchen displaying favorite cookbooks.

You have to look and then look again just to take it all in. Her eclectic mix somehow fits together. Kelly thinks everyone should consider purchasing more things that are used, things that have a story. It’s another way to practice recycling, and it’s a great feeling to find ways to reuse, or re-purpose old things. The biggest tip she wanted to share is to decorate with things that YOU love, and make YOU feel good. Don’t worry about where you are going to put something, or if it will match. Matching is over-rated and if you love it, a place for it will emerge.

I have so much more to share with you over the next few days. Here is a sneak peak at her daughter’s room! And wait to you she what she creates!

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