Monday, August 31, 2009

Yikes...It's Monday!

Boy... was that ever a fast weekend! I hate starting my week out when I feel like it's all I can do to keep my head above water.

Wanted to share with you a few "finds" that I found and did a little touching up to.

Sorry that I don't have any before shots to share. I hadn't planned to share these but my little canon was returned to me this weekend and thought I'd put her to work.

I had some random frames picked up at Goodwill over the past few weeks. They have just been sittin' in the garage waiting on their calling. So I got out my spray paint and fixed them right up.
Printed off a few quotes {using some downloaded free fonts} and walla! Got this great idea over at Twice Remembered.I liked it so much I did a few for Hannah's room. Yes, I know that I need to reprint the Cutie Pie picture. But it just didn't get squeezed into this weekend.
Here's a small canvas my daughter found at Goodwill last week. We liked it just the way it was and all for $.90 cents!
Don't you just love Poppies?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bulletin Board Makeover

I found this nice bulletin board at Goodwill a few months ago. It had been doing a great job hanging in my closest displaying all my bobbles.

But it was just a bit bland and boring.

Nothing a little bit of spray paint and sharpie can't fix!

I first sprayed the frame and pushpins black and let them dry for about half an hour. Then I came back and brushed on a brown paint I had in the garage. But it still needed something. That's when the burlap table runner that I had made came to mind.

One end had been damaged {by an overactive crafting child} so I cut out the middle and tacked it on. I did this while the paint was still a bit tacky to the touch. This helped adhere the burlap to the cork board.

Used my handy dandy sharpie to add the No.5 and hung it back in my closet.

It's been a great way to see all the necklace's and some bracelet's that I have. However, i noticed in these pictures {still using the old camera} that I need to do a bit of touching up on the inside of the frames. But not bad for the original $1.00 that I spent on the bulletin board.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Great Watermelon

This spring we really ventured out when it came to garden planting.

{Note to self- leave kiddos at home when visiting Atwood's next year}

We have always grown our standard tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, bell pepper and onions. But this year the kids really wanted watermelon, cantaloupe and peanuts. So I buckled in pure desire just to check out and get home. We planted one random watermelon plant, one cantaloupe plant and two peanut plants.
And a few weeks ago we picked our very first watermelon! This one little plant has, so far , produced 8 large watermelon. The cantaloupe plant has given us 12 cantaloupes and the peanut plants are drying in the garage as I type.
Here they are loving on thier first melon.. Sometimes I am glad that I "give in" and listen to my kids. They have learned and enjoyed our garden more and more with each passing year. But let me tell you one little watermelon plant can take over your entire garden. Leason learned to till and larger row for them next year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Days of the Week

I know many of you have seen this all over blog land.

But, it has been one of the best free printable downloads I have done.

We started at the end of school last year and just implemented it again. I can not stress to you what a time saver this is. I printed the pastel labels for my daughter and the bright labels for my son. I printed them on card stock then ran them through a laminar.

Picture from Living Locurto

We goggle the weather on Sunday night and the kiddos help choose their outfits for the week. I iron and hang them back up under their designated day. No more "disagreements" in the morning on what to wear.

I owe a BIG thank you to Living Locurto. She has a creative and fabulous site you must see.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)...

I promise this will not be a post on Cinderella. Even though I know if you are in my age bracket you are humming that tune in your head as you read this {smile}.

A few weeks ago during our family vacation I was snapping a shot of Hannah with Alice in Wonderland. We moved a few steps over for a picture with Mary Poppins and NOTHING!!

After recharged and then a new battery still nothing. So off to the Canon repair shop it went.

It wasn't until she was gone, and I had to revert back to my ole' point-n-shoot ,that I realized just how much better my SLR was. So with that all said please forgive the photos. My sweet baby is do back this week. Hopefully refreshed and ready to go.

Ok, onto the point of this post.

After dropping off Hannah Friday morning Gabe and I were on our merry way to Pre-K. When he spotted a yard sale. My boy has a great little eye and is my sidekick shopper. So we had a few minutes to spare and pulled over.

I feel in love with this!

Honestly, I have been looking for a table like this for years. It had a great structure and was sturdy. But she was asking $35.00 for it. What can I say I'm cheep! This was the first day of her sale and it was 7:55 AM so I figured no way she will come down this early. So as I was walking away I thought to myself, what the heck she can only say no. So I turned and offered her $25.00 and she took it. Yippee!! After some light sanding and a nice new coat of stain here she is...

I did not apply a top coat because I wanted to have a more distressed look.

Aren't my walls pretty? That's a new two color look and another subject. Just for the record they are not yellow. With school starting and work picking up I had lots of free time to start a massive painting project at home. I will let you in on it real soon.Of coarse I need to also find some new tabletop goods for this cutie!

Don't forget to stop by Southern Hospitality and Twice Remembered a check out all the other great goodies.

Friday, August 21, 2009

This one won't fall down!

About eight years ago we purchased a wooden play set at our local Sam's. For years Hannah played on it and then in 2004 we even had the movers bring it to our new home. But the time had come, this past spring ,to take it down. It was a safety issue and we needed a new one.

That's when I started thinking... you see my dad is a welder. Not just any welder but also an artist. He designed and created both the kiddos beds. These pictures really do not do them justice.

Like all great artist's he is a bit slow and needs motivation! So last fall I began planting my seeds about how much the kids would love for him to build a swing set. I kept working at him and after we broke down the old set this past spring he finally found the time.

So, a few weeks ago, it arrived. We offered up a great dinner of take out pizza and bottled water. The least we could do for having him get a co-worker to help in 99* heat. It was only when he pulled up to the house did I realize just how big it was.It didn't take long for all the neighbor kids to realize that we had a front loader sitting in the driveway. Who needs movie night when you have heavy equipment to watch.It took a bit of Oklahoma red dirt digging and concrete mixing.
Add Image

And one happy little girl!

But it was done and then dad uttered those words every excited child loves to hear! You gotta' wait 3 days to let the concrete set before you can get on it!

So here she sets waiting to be (spray) painted. She will host a slide, four swings and a traipse bar. I'm afraid that she is here to stay! I'll show you the finished project just has soon as she's done!
In the meantime I'm working on dad to start making custom beds. He has no idea just what a hit they could be on etsy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Schools In...

School starts back for us Thursday {smile} and I came across this fabulous, cute, creativy site and found these...

My kiddos won't have them for the first day but how stinkin' cute are they. You must go check her out at

em Tanner Designs.

Disney Breakdown...

I have had lots of emails with questions regarding our trip to Walt Disney World. And I am glad to see that we all are continuing to contribute to the economy and Walt Disney...we know he needs it. So with my camera sent away for repair I thought I would share a few pointers from Mr. Mouse Ears himself, my husband!
We decided to stay just off property at Orlando World Center Resort . There were many reasons as to why. First, we wanted to have a full kitchen and washer/dryer. Second, and most important, was for the kiddos to have their own bedroom and bathroom. Over our past travels it didn't take us long to realize if we are staying somewhere for over 10 nights we need space. Can I get an Amen!
Not that we ever stayed in the room much. But, on our first day we stopped by the local Wal-mart and purchased all our meals, drinks and trading pins. This was a HUGE savings and a much healthier option than eating at the parks for 10 days{cheap, cheaper, cheapest}. I prepared breakfast each morning , packed our lunch , headed back to the hotel to cook dinner then back to the parks. We allowed the kids to pick any one snack they wanted from the park's each day. They loved that and never asked for the $20 chicken nuggets,fries and a drink.
Here is a great little tip when you stay off property... Diamond Parking!! If you are a Triple A member you can ask for a FREE Diamond parking pass from Triple A or purchase one on eBay. This was a great time saver for us. We parked up front and didn't have to stand in line for a tram. The only parks that did not have Diamond parking were the water parks. And if you opt for character dinning choose to have a late breakfast at Chef Mickeys. It is located at the Contemporary Resort. As you drive into Disney take the far two lanes. Let them know you have reservations at Chef Mickey's. We let the kiddo's {and us} sleep in one day and took them to a late breakfast {10:30} at Chef Mickeys. Not only did we have a fabulous brunch you are allowed to park in their hotel for free. Then we walked across the street to Magic Kingdom. So we saved the $12.00 on parking for that day and only packed a snack due to the late breakfast.
Let your kiddos trade pins! My 9 and 4 year old loved this. We purchased the less expensive pins at Wal-mart and then they were able to trade them all over the parks for the better ones. There is even a Pin Trading station at Downtown Disney. So goggle it before you go and know all the {behind the scenes} rules and lingo. When you get home they can have pins that tell a story of all their favorite's. The best place for autographs is Epcot. They have all the characters lined up INSIDE the air conditioning and the wait was a short one. If you have a princess that wants to meet Tinker Bell she is located in Toon Town {Magic Kingdom}. Arrive when they open at 10:30 a.m. if you wish to see her. It still took us over 45 minutes waiting in line.
Some of the best snacks we had were the Dole Pineapple Floats in Adventure land and Snow Cones in Japan. Trust me one that one!
We took a "Disney" break for a few days and drove to the nearest beach, Cocoa. The water is not as clear as the Golf side but it was half the drive. On the first day we found a local and asked where the best spots where. Surfer boy told us where the free parking and no tourist spots on the beach were. And directed us here for a fabulous dinner at Port Canaveral. We ate on the patio enjoying sweet tea, fish and fried plantains. The kids enjoyed watching the ships come in and out.
And on one last note for the best seat at the Magic Kingdom set behind the castle at Pooh's Play house. The fireworks are shot off the tops of the buildings and right over your head. You can still see Tink fly out and without the crowds!

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