Thursday, December 3, 2009

To Theme or Not To Theme?

That seems to always be the question. People often decide on a Christmas “theme” to decorate their home in. For me all I can think of is when people used to ask me “Do you have a "theme" for your nursery?” Um….NO!

I guess you can say Christmas has a bit of a “theme” it’s the biggest Birthday Party of the year. A time to rejoice in God sending His one and only son to die for {insert your name here}!

So, my Christmas “theme” is and will always be family. When we decorate our tree “a family theme” unwrapping each ornament takes me back to that time in place when our family was together. I will share more about my tree in another post I am working on.

Today, I want to share with you a neat craft to cherish for years to come.

I started with Hannah’s 1st Christmas. I tried to think of a way to create an ornament that would capture her age and take me back to that time in our lives year after year. And this is what we did.

Hand ornaments…

There is one for each year of my child’s life up till the age of 5 years old {when their growing really started to slow down}. Each winter we would make three sets and wrap one up for Grandma & Nana.

They are so simple to make. Just purchase stiff felt sheets at your local craft store and outline your child’s hand. Let your imagination go with what to create out of it.

Some years I got really carried away and did other “hand” Christmas gifts.

This was my sons first Christmas and at two months old tracing his hand was not going to work. So we waited till he fell fast asleep and inked his hand up.

I cherish them so much. And in the spring, when we hear the tornado sirens and run for the storm shelter, they always make the trip. It’s just something that you can’t find a “theme” on at your local store.

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  1. I would have said, "No, I don't do a theme, Kate." But after reading what you said, I guess I did have one all along ~ a family theme! I'd go from hubby and I's "first Christmas" ornament {24 years at this point} to the kids' first baby ornaments, through Little League, Football, Cheerleading, etc. I even have ornaments for our dogs! I love the handprint idea and I think it's a great gift for grandparents.

  2. I'm working on a theme. I only have minimal, but ONE DAY it will all be SLEIGHS! Oh how I love Sleighs.

  3. This is such a sweet wonderful tradition. It will be so neat to look back at all of them, once she is grown up.

  4. i love that santa one and the baseball of your sons hand- so cute!

  5. I LOVE the baseball. I must do this with my little dude. The hubs played pro, so I know he would totally dig this!

  6. Oh this hand "theme" is such a great it! And as your kids get older you'll have such wonderful memories of when they were little. Thanks for sharing and linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  7. HI KATE I really hope to hear from you! i made the handprint baseball recently like you did bcuz i live in STL and we won the world series this year:) so we are giving it out at xmas gifts:) wondering what im doing wrong bcuz my the ink smears on the baseball when it is touched and comes off... im really sad bcuz its so cute. would u please help me! email me and tell me what kind of ink to use??? what am i missing?! thank you!!!!!! i hope to hear from you!!!
    my email is

  8. I was wondering the same thing as mrsmegalina (nov. 23) What kind of ink did you use and did you seal it with something afterwards to protect it? WOuld love to hear from you. Thanks so much for generously sharing your great ideas!

  9. I am also curious about this idea with the baseball. How do I "seal" it so that it doesn't smear? My son just started t-ball and this would be such an adorable keepsake! Thanks!!

  10. Any ideas on what was used to seal the baseball? Would love to do this for a gift for my husbands birthday!

  11. I love the baseball handprint idea for Father's Day! I've featured it this week on my Favorite Pins Friday series!

  12. How do you keep the ink from smearing? What kind did you use? I want to do this and maybe two hands on a mini. basketball.

  13. I've been planning on doing this for Father's Day, but now I'm a little nervous about smearing. I don't have time to order this, but maybe it'll help someone else...

  14. Yes! What can you put on a baseball to seal it?! Nail polish? Mod Podge? Poly urethane??!! Help please!!:)


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