Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Picture is on the COVER!

Well it's been so long sense I have posted anything on here I just now see that Blogger has a new "look"! I can remember when I would hardy miss a day posting here. Hopefully, soon, I can share with you the new road our family has taking to eating and all the wonderful recipes I have to share. My master bedroom and bathroom mini make over. And a few craft "junkin" stories I have to tell.

In the meantime check this out...

My picture made it on the cover of a magazine. If you live in the NE US you can purchase it at your local newsstand. It is also distributed nationally to OBGYN and Pediatric doctor offices. At least now I can say I have published work! Hahahahaha!

Monday, April 2, 2012


This poor ole' blog of mine has really been suffering. Though I miss posting and sharing all the fun things we make, bake and do, there simply isn't enough time in my day.

HannahKate Photography has been keeping just about every "free" minute I have busy. And the rest I share with my family.

I plan on sharing when I can, but it may be far and few between! If you want to stay updated on HannhKate Photography's latest I opened up a Facebook page you can follow www.facebook./HannahkatephotographyLLC

You'll see all the first like this...

They are sooooo much in L-O-V-E, cuter than dirt, and expecting there first baby this October!

They were so much fun to work with.

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