Thursday, March 31, 2011

I like to call it Momnesia!

I came across this last week and could not stop laughing.

It pretty much sums up my life after the birth of my kiddos!

I like to call in momnesia, sadly I can only imagine what the future will hold, LOL!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am in the S-L-O-W process of updating Hannah and Gabe’s bedrooms. Life has had a way of getting into my plans and slowing everything down.

But, I did get to whip these pictures out this week.

I LOVE how they turned out!

I picked what I call an “off shape” frame at Wal-mart for $8 bucks.

Using word on my computer I designed and printed my image on photo paper.

Hannah has picked zebra for her new room {not my choice, but it is HER room} so I used some fabric scraps we had to line the frame as my “mat”. Double taped my picture to the fabric and that was it!

I think this would be great in so many ways…names, initials, schools, quotes etc.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chessar Chick'n Bites with Raising Cane's Sauce

My kiddos are a Cheez-it loving bunch! So when I came across this recipe a few weeks back, in my local paper, I knew it was distend to be a hit!

Chessar Chick’n Bites

Serves: 4

2Tbsp olive oil
1 ½ cups {3oz} Cheez-it cheddar crackers
½ tsp black pepper
1 ¼ raw chicken tenders
1/3 cup Dijon mustard

Put rack in lower third of oven; preheat to 475*. Brush a baking pan with olive oil {I just sprayed on Olive Oil Pam}. Pulse crackers in a food processor. Transfer to a bowl; stir in pepper. Toss tenders in mustard then dredge in crumbs. Arrange on oiled pan. Bake, turning once, until golden brown, about 15 minutes.

Per serving: 340 calories; 17g carbs, 35g protein, 15g fat. 110 mg cholesterol, 670mg sodium. Cost $5.45!

I pared it with a “knock off” recipe of our favorite dipping sauces, Raising Canes!

Cane's Secret Sauce
3/4 c. Mayo
1/4 c. Ketchup
5 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1/4 tsp. Black Pepper
1/4 tsp. Garlic powder

Mix all togather and allow to set and chill at least 24 hours before serving

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Monday, March 28, 2011

I painted our Alder wood!

Yes, I am obsessed with chalk board paint. It’s just so darn handy for way to many things!

My overacting note taking mind {OCD} was in dire need of a place to jot down random thoughts and what I needed to pick up at the store.

My dear, dear husband has tried for the past two years for me to use my iphone. He loves it and can’t live without it. I, on the other hand, just started text messaging this year and upped my 200 text a month plan. He has even gone as far as to purchase mobile me so that all our calendars can stay “connected”. It was a lost cause!

Call me old, I don’t care. But I HAVE to write it down and draw a line through it. There’s just something soothing about the whole process for me. It’s like a computer downloading something onto a disc.

So, with my kitchen layout, wall space is limited to hang much of anything.

That’s when I decided to just paint our Alder wood!

Yes, I did!

Three coats of magnetic paint

And two coats of chalkboard paint.

And three days later I had a central command post that I could be proud of.

Hey, it’s a home that we LIVE in!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attack Update!

Our hearts our overflowing with all the thoughts and prayers for Gabe. Thank you all for such sweet encouraging words and prayers. As they have been answered!

He is doing so well and I wanted to update you on where we are at today!

Excuse the pictures as they were all taken with my camera phone.

Big sister Hannah has been so kind and loving to little man these past few days. Leaving him little notes to find throughout his day while she was at school.

Taking time to help him build his Lego’s just the way he likes to do it, rather than following the instructions. This is Gabe just two days out from the attack. His face is swollen but you can still see his smile!

This was Wednesday and he is giving me two thumbs up about how he was feeling. We were getting ready to go and visit with his kindergarten class. He started to hide in the house when it was time to go. But, with a gentle nudge from mom and a quick shout out to God we did it and he was so relieved.

 His pediatrician encouraged to get him back to his normal routine as soon as possible. So we encouraged him to join his beloved t-ball team, the Venom, cheering them on from the bench. He even got to hit that night! We were all holding our breath but he was brave and did it!

His team honored him with an autographed ball and a few of his favorite things.

And here Gabe was this morning just after we had the stitches and staples removed. Poor little guy was beyond stressed to go back and have them taken out. But he remained calm and still, allowing the doctor to work fast. Then it was a quick trip to Chick-fil-a and back to school today!

He still has NO memory of anything, and his doctor said he probably never will. What a blessing he does not have to relive it in his mind.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Attack

I am not sure where, or how, to even begin this post. I’ll start by warning you if you have a weak stomach you might want to stop reading here.

Life has been crazy around here, to say the least, for the past few weeks. All starting with the near loss of our home to a local grass fire.

It was spring break last week and we spent time with my sister, her kiddos and my mom on a little road trip. Then the kids and I were due to fly out to Charlottesville, VA on Friday , with our team, for the first round of the NCAA tournament. But, Ryan’s season was underway and the kids had obligations etc., etc., so I decided to stay home.

After a baseball game Friday night we planned on attending my nephews 4th birthday out at my sister’s house Saturday.

He was having a Spiderman party.

With goodies

A bounce house

That little man used to show us his never ending sweat glands!

The kiddos played and took turns on the birthday boys “four wheeler”.

Then just as all the kids were coming into the house for cake I stepped on the back porch to call Gabe in. I could see my brother-in-law flying across the back yard with his dad a few steps behind. Then watched him kick their English springer spaniel flying into the air.

It was in that moment when it sunk in what had just happened. As my blood soaked child came running toward me. Their family hunting dog, chained up in the back, had just attacked my sons face and head.

As a mom you have two choices, I could have EASILY freaked out and lost all control. Or I could stay calm and HELP my child the best I could.

I choice the latter.

He never cried, he was in complete and utter shock, and felt bad that he had wet himself.

As I held him telling him everything was going to be Ok. I noticed that all my clothes where coming completely blood soaked. He had a huge bite on the back of his head that was bleeding profusely.

This is when I began screaming to call 911.

We made our way to the front of the house to wait for the paramedics. That was my first look at my sweet boy’s face that made my stomach churn.

The paramedics arrived and shortly thereafter the police.

Gabe was stable, but in shock. I decided it best to have my dad drive us into Children’s Hospital, about 35 minutes away. Rather than the added trauma of an ambulance ride.

I had to call Ryan, just as his baseball game had started, and let him know  he needed to meet me at Children’s, there had been an accident.

He had 20 stictches to his mouth and seven staples to the back of his head.

I tell you this in such detail because looking back on it all now I see all the blessings that took place at each step.

                                 { Yes, his shirt he had on that day said TOUGH}

First, no children, including Hannah, had to witness the attack. Gabe has his teeth, eyes, and nose . Ryan happened to be playing at home this weekend and was not out of the state.

God had given me the strength and grace to completely trust Him in taking care of Gabe. He has yet to remember the attack or the ride to the hospital, and may never remember.

I am in the middle of reading One Thousand Gifts and it has blessed me at a time when I needed it the most!

This was a true and freak accident. The dog did not “attack” Gabe and Gabe had not teased the dog. Simply got tangled up in his chain, choking the dog, and causing Gabe to fall on top of the dog. With adults mere feet away. It all happened in a blink of an eye.

Yes, he will have scars but no permanent disfiguration.

He has been enjoying the many get well cards, meals and Lego sets {smile}!

God is good!
Isaiah 61:10

Needless to say my crafting creative mind has been on hold. So please forgive the severe lack of my usually posts. I am hopeful to be back soon in full swing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

So, it was Spring Break around these neck of the woods last week and we took at little road trip with the cousins. To do some much needed spring shopping of course!

Movie and popcorn in the hotel room…

Shakes at a REAL old time soda shop…

Yes, the "peace" fingers live on despite my ignoring them!

I realize now as I post these pictures  they were all out of focus… got a hunch some little fingers were messing around with some buttons.

And pictures that you can’t wait to show ‘em when they are older.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A week ago today our day started out like any other.

The kids got excited to see a heard of deer running through our backyard at breakfast, 14 in all.

They were all smiles as they dressed up and prepared for 50’s day at school.

We went about our normal TGIF routine and as I was patiently awaiting the arrival of Sonic Happy hour at my office my sister called.

Sister: Hey, are you at home?

Me: Ah…no, I’m still at the office.

Sister: Have you not been watching the news!

Me: Ah…no, I’m at the office!

Sister: There is a huge grass fire out by your house.

Me: Ah…whatever, they happen around her all the time.

Sister: Not this one!

Me: Ok, I’ll look out the window….OMG!

I hung up, grabbed my phone and bolted to my car. We only live about 8 miles from work so I could see the plumes of smoke off in the distance. But, as I got closer and turned off onto the main HWY that leads to our neighborhood, I burst into tears. I was not prepared to see what I saw…hundreds of fire trucks and men everywhere and thick smoke that burned my lungs as I sobbed away.

The puppy, oh the puppy…. We had just put his fence up but I left him locked in his crate. My pictures from the era before everything went digital. My Christmas ornaments….

You fail to take pictures of it all as you are frantic with fear and trying to plan out what needs to be done. We were blessed that we barely made it to our home before they closed the roads off. We ran around like made trying to pack as much as we could as the fast, smoke filled, wind swirled around outside. It is in this moment you realize just how little, in your home, has true meaning. I gathered up things the kids had drawn throughout their short little life. Original hand written cookbooks passed down to me. Cross-stitch pictures and blankets made with love by dear family members. Ryan grabbed autograph baseballs and his golf clubs! Clearly now I know what he loves the most, LOL!

With our last bag packed and the pup safe in the front seat they {police} finally came through saying it was a mandatory evacuation and we had to leave NOW!

Here is the view looking back as we drove away from our home at 3:00 in the afternoon…

I was calm, we were safe and whatever was to happen we could tackle. With God’s grace our home was spared and we were allowed to return later that evening. Here you can see the plumes of smoke from my office as the sun sets on a very long day.

Yes, our house smells like a meat smoke shop…but it’s still there. Many families were not so lucky and are struggling with having lost everything!

Grass fires are a scary thing up close and personal. When your town has not seen rain fall for months and months and a careless driver tosses their light cigarette at the window. People lives can change in a blink of an eye over one carless mistake.

So, with Spring Break being this week and us recovering from quite and eventful weekend I have neglected this little blog of mine.

But rest assured I plan on being back next week…my creative juices are full of so many projects and ideas that I want to share.

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the Winner is...

Please forgive me I have been a bad, bad blogger these past few weeks.

Monday was supposed to be the day to post the winner of the Birthday Banner giveaway. But, as you can see, that did not happen! Among MANY other things on my long “must do” list.

So, today I announce the winner. And just as I was about to pop over to to generate my winner I was listening to K-Love and their discussion with today’s date, 3-16, as in John 3:16! As a reminder that God loved us so much that he sent His one and only Son to die for you!

That’s when I thought it would be a great idea to use 3:16 to generate my winner for me! Sadly we only had 11 entries for the giveaway so there could not be a #16 winner.

That leaves entry #3 as our winner!

stacy@dooLITTLETHINGS said...

We're in the process of planning a 12th birthday slumber party for my daughter. She would love this banner. I love this banner! Thanks for the chance to win!

Congrats Stacy! I’ll be in touch soon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Box {smile}!

Honest to Betsy! I don’t think I have been this excited sense I got my Barbie Dream house Christmas morning 1986!

See that BIG box is a nice little igloo for the puppy and that smaller box is a nice high powered electric fence to keep him in the back yard.

Now, the dog house is not the cute little one I wanted to match the house. It just had the best reviews in more ways than I could pass up!

Yep, at last the beast is moving out back! I can’t tell you what a fabulous puppy we  have and kids are still head over heals in love. But the mess {hair} is about to drive me bonkers!

Wish me luck that puppy loves it as much as I do!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make Your Cupcake Mobile!


It was Family Fun night at school. I had baked, and dropped off, my goodies for the cake walk. Then received an urgent email, 4 hours before the event, they were really short on baked goods and needed backup ASAP!

Hmmm...I threw my superhero cape on a ran to my local Homeland . Purchased a dozen pre-made cupcakes. Then realized  I needed to get the most bang for my buck!

Somehow I had to be able to wrap them individually so cake walkers could pick and take.


So I used what I had on hand: Small clear solo cups, clear bags and ribbon.

Dropped a cupcake in each and tied them up!

Perfect for taking and passing out! I really can’t wait to try this for class parties etc.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Joss & Main

You know we all love a great bargain and getting more bang for our buck! That’s why I love all the great discount sites out there today. Recently I came across a designer home store that has great new “finds” all the time.

Have you heard about Joss & Main? It's an exclusive private sale site that CSN Stores recently launched. It offers exclusive sales on top brands and designers for the home at up to 70% off retail. Sales only last 72 hours, but new ones are launched daily.

Joss & Main

Pop over and check em’ out…you never know what you’re going to find.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welfare Stew

Have you been to the store lately? I think I have found the best new diet craze out there…it’s the “can’t afford food” diet craze!

We give glory to God as He has blessed us and allowed our pantry’s to always remain stocked. But I am saddened by those whom are employed or unemployed and just barely making it by.

Yep, I was sticker shocked that most generic brands I purchase have gone up almost 50% sense December. It looks like the days ahead will be filled with fewer trips to the movies and more time playing on the swing set for kids.

With that being said I thought it would be a perfect time to share an old family favorite. Though I’m not sure where it originated from. I can remember eating this as a child and still enjoy it today. I found it fitting to share, with the ever fast rising cost of food.

Welfare Stew

1 pound ground beef {a little fat is good but use whatever is on sale}
6-7 large potatoes peeled and diced. {add more or less depending on how many mouths you need to feed}
2 cans beef stock
1 small yellow onion, diced
Onion powder, salt, pepper to taste.

Brown beef in skillet with onion until well done. Toss in diced potatoes and cover with enough beef stock to just skim the top of your mixture. Season with onion powder, salt and pepper to taste. Bring to boil cover and reduce to med-high until potatoes have cooked. About 25 minutes or so. Sometimes we will top this with a little cheddar cheese too.

Not the most visual appetizing meal but delish, hearty and filling.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Banner Giveaway

Well Hannah’s 11th birthday is sooner than I would like to admit.

I fear my days of party throwing for her have slowing come to an end…at least until some young man sweeps her off her feet. Oh, let’s say in 50 years!

This year she wants to invite her friends to sleep over at our local Embassy Suites, so they can take advantage of the indoor swimming pool and free breakfast {smile}!

I’ll admit a bit of me is excited at the fact I will not have to do “KP” duty for this shindig!

So when contacted me about creating my very own banner I thought perfect! Something easy and cute to hang up in the hotel lobby.

All that was pink and Peace Signs last year has now migrated into turquoise and zebra print this year. I popped over to and followed their easy design steps that helped me create this!

This 3x6 banner arrived last week and she was beyond thrilled!

And… was so kind to ship me two. One for me and one for you!

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me how you would use the happy birthday banner. It wouldn’t hurt to follow me too if you haven’t already {smile}. will pick our lucky winner Sunday March 13th. Come back on Monday March 14th to see who won.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Grad Gift Idea

It's getting oh so close to that time of year again, when those sweet tiny little kiddos we have known for years up and decide to graduate high school or college!

Sometimes it can be hard, in this day and age, to think of a thoughtful token, other than hard cold cash {smile}!

I like gifting framed quotes that are individualized for the graduate.

So, I created this little print out in a 5X7 to gift a sweet friend as she graduates college. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you for FREE.

Simply click HERE, print and frame! I picked up this cute little frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

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Folks this is a first for me. I would have never dreamed in a million years I would have written something someone else had! I thought of the above quote for a dear girl that believed in what she could do and made it happen! Come to find out I’m not the first! Click HERE to read Suzanne Berry’s full story on how she landed her dream job with Hallmark.  If I Google everything I have every thought up, it might be shocking to see that I am not as original as I thought!

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