Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rug Doctor 101

A few weekends back, when the weather was a nice breezy 75* rather than a windy 9*, I got a wild hair!

Let’s face I have two kids and we really do “live” in our home. And after 5 years it was time to deep clean the carpets.

I debated on calling someone but loathe when they tell you one price then talk you into a ton of other things.

So, on a whim I ran into Homeland and rented this…

Wide mouth Rug Doctor…And a bottle of cleaner, $49.99!

I was about to start in the living room after moving the couch ,where I found all of Bronx’s dog balls that had be missing sense Christmas. Amoung MANY other little things. And thought, ya’ know I would have loved to hear about someone’s experience on using this thing. So I decided to document it and let you guys know.

Read and re-read the step by step directions.

And got busy.

I thought it would be pretty much be just like my mom’s carpet cleaner. Nope, this thing has some power!

I only made two swipes in the living room before I had to refill the tank. I was a bit worried about how much water the thing was using. But shockingly the carpet felt almost dry to the touch and within the hour was completely dry!

Let me remind you I have a thing for smells…this machine and cleaner had no odor what so ever. I really liked that part. No pet, smoke or god knows what smells and the cleaner was odorless. So overall I think this offered up just what I had hoped it would. And would be a great tool to use let’s say every 6 months rather than every 5 years!

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  1. Wow, can't believe it dried in an hour! I'm so doing that next time, I had someone come do ours and while they did a good job, we had to leave the house because the carpet was wet ALL day!


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