Monday, February 7, 2011

FREE Valentine Printable!

I found the cutest Valentine note cards for my kiddo’s lunch the other day over at Crafts & Sutch.

Tell me someone who wouldn’t just love to get one of these, even the hubby!

I am working on getting back in full swing. We have had a very unusually amount of snow for Oklahoma. And here, in Oklahoma, we don’t have the means to handle it! So after 4 days snowed in my home with two kids, my husband and a dog. I am ready to throw in the white towel.

Sadly we have just two days to prepare for our next major snow storm of 6-10 inches! We just got 12 inches last Tuesday! This is insane for central Oklahoma!


  1. OMG, those are adorable. I really love the olive one!

    We had some crazy snow like that here in Atlanta a few weeks ago... no school for a whole week. Yall stay safe and warm. :)

  2. Sadly no one will SEE the white towel if you do throw it in. Hope you are staying warm and doing well!
    Those velentines are adorable!


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