Friday, February 11, 2011

Napkin Twist

Last weekend we hosted a small little family get together for the BIG game.

While I was getting everything all festive like…it dawned on me to share with you a little trick I learned years ago.

I like to call it the napkin twist!

Starting with a stack of napkins take a coffee cup and begin to rotate clockwise, while holding the stack of napkins in your hands.

After just a few twists you will have a perfectly pretty little stack of napkins.

 On a side note, I whipped up Ree Drummond’s Shrimpo de Gallo…delish!

1 comment:

  1. I love twisty napkins. There's just something so much more appealing about them than a stack of straight out of the package!

    I do that all the time and then have to explain to people how I did it. I don't use a mug though, I do it with a weird wrist rotation with the napkins in the palm of my other hand. Learned that trick years ago working at Ruby Tuesday. :)


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