Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As of February 5th, 2011 my baby girl disappeared before our eyes!

If you see this little girl please return her as soon as possible.

Her daddy is patiently waiting to take her to their Daddy Daughter Dance tonight.

All we can locate is this beautiful young lady.

Showing off her big brown eyes…

Pink little rose buds…

And her manicured nails!

And loving on the guy she thinks hung the moon!

I can be reached at 555-5555 and will gladly take her back, no questions asked!


  1. She's beautiful! You must be so proud!

  2. oh Kate.. thas was so sweet. I loved this post.
    She is gorgeous.

  3. What a stunning couple. My baby girl must be with yours. Mine is 14!!

  4. To sweet. She is gorgeous! I just posted pics from the big father/daughter dance! I love how big tough men turn into mush when it comes to their daughters!

  5. She is beautiful! Such a sweet post. My oldest is 25, about to be married in May and I still can't believe it. Treasure this precious age between childhood and her teen years! Time seems to pick up speed once they're teens!

  6. I teared up looking through these pictures. I've got a 16 month old little girl I just can't imagine all grown up. She's beautiful.


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