Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Worlds Smallest Valentine!

Last year, for Hannah’s birthday, I wanted to find a really cleaver birthday card for her.

When I stumbled across The World’s Smallest Postal Service.

I was able to type up a little letter, no pun intended, and they created the cutest birthday card ever! They also have a pretty cute letter from the tooth fairy.

So, when I got an email last week from them sharing the World’s Smallest Valentine Card, I knew I had to share it with you!
Check out the Words Smallest Valentine Packages that are just too cute!

I can bet ya’ this would be one original Valentine, not to be forgotten anytime soon! My Hannah LOVED it!!


  1. I love the smallest Valentine. That is the cutest ever. What fun it would be to receive that in the mail. I like your new blog design.

  2. I forgot to ask in my last comment. I am new to blogging. Can you tell me how you posted the picture as a die cut instead of a square. I love the way that looks. My initial intention on my blog was to do that with my photos, but I don't know how. In Photoshop?


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