Friday, February 12, 2010

Daughter Daddy Date Night!

Daddy takes Hannah out a few times a year, just the two of them. But, there is one night a year that she always looks forward to.

It’s about the dress.
The peep toe shoes and glittered nails.

The perfect hairdo and a touch of gloss.

Pretty pink roses, that smell like a dream.

And daddy…

Just the two of them all dressed up going out for dinner and dancing. It’s a time that Ryan reinforces what is expected of a young man. Opening of doors, listening, and curfews. We know she is only 9, but these nights, I am sure, will be filed away with her childhood memories. And we hope that she remembers how special she is and to never settle for less.

Little man took me out for Chick-Fil-La and a Barnes & Noble stop. He managed to open all the heavy doors and cleaned our table without being asked. And nothing can top holding your sons 5 year old hand on date night!


  1. Okay you have a BEAUTIFUL family! and your photos are awesome! Your daughter looks so pretty in that dress wow...that is something I wish my girls had gotten to experience a daddy/daughter dance...I am just out discovering new to me Oklahoma bloggers

  2. I love this post -I just love it. My hubby does "date" night with the girls, but now they call it "appointments". They are too cool for dates with dad. lol Your daughter is gorgeous!!

  3. Such a special time! I’m sure she’ll remember her nights out with dad forever. She’s beautiful.

    I saw a saying the other day that I thought was really powerful it said,
    Children spell love T-I-M-E
    (not sure who the author is). Ahhh it’s just pulled at my heart. I’m a family studies major and know all about the importance of time parents spend with their children. At times parents get caught up with the hustle and bustle of the day. It’s awesome that you and your husband take that special T-I-M-E for your daughter.

    Happy Friday to ya!!


  4. This is such a sweet post, Kate! They do remember these little lessons, believe me. My daughter and son put them into practice every day and they are 19 and 23-next-week.

  5. Great post! Your daughter is beautiful. What a great gift you and your husband are giving her.

  6. Love the dress and she looks just beautiful!

    They grow up way too fast. It seems like just last year my husband and daughter were going to a similar dance and yesterday she got her driver's license. Savor these moments!

  7. What a wonderful experience for them both. I wish we had something like that where we live.

  8. So adorable! Those nights are definitely something your daughter will always remember!

  9. What a great evening for you all:-) Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, and so blessed to have a Daddy to teach her these lessons. Hope they had a wonderful time.

  10. love the profile picture! Hannah is looking so grown up and she is sooo beautiful! (I work with Lynn)

  11. Outstanding photography! Great job.

  12. Oh my goodness....this post made me teary. She looks so pretty and he looks so proud! I can't wait until my little bug is old enough to do this with my hubby. Your right.....what your hubby shows her will be what she will come to expect...what a wonderful example.
    Blessings, Michele

  13. How wonderful, I wish I could have had some of these with my Daddy!

  14. Awesome pictures. The concept of Daughter/Dad date night is great. When the girl becomes a young woman, she will be able to distinguish real love. I love this!


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