Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need Your Help, PLEASE!

Ok, I need your help. Duh! Don’t know why I didn’t think to ask ya’ll first.

Seems that things like to break at my home in threes, yes THREE’S! Stinks, I know!

We need a new dishwasher and washer/ dryer set.

I have been all over the web researching. First, we want good quality followed by a decent price.
Looking a Bosch and Maytag, but won’t buy from Home Depot, Lowes etc..They say they sell the same models. However, they are made with cheaper parts in order to offer such a discount at these mass chain stores.
I am VERY hesitant on a front loading washing machine, and like the Maytag Cabrio Top loader.

If money were no object I would own this Speed Queen set {$3,800}

 Please give me any advice you can share!



  1. Both my mother and stepmother have these front loading washers and they both have difficulties with mold and meldew smells and have to leave the door open when not in use and my mom uses a special product to get rid of the mold. Sounds like too much work for me. Good luck with your search.

  2. Interesting comment. We have had our bottom of the line Kenmore W/D duo since my parents bought it for my graduation present almost 10 years ago. I do A LOT of laundry. Honestly, I have no complaints with them and they work so well.

    We have been looking recently bc the front load just look so new & fancy and have been thinking about upgrading. Lowe's (I know you said you dont want to buy here) but they had 10% off this weekend & its still on. The guy said Bosche, Whirpool & Maytag were the best brands - he seemed like he actually was informed or at least into it.

    Let us know what you decide on. Why are you leaning towards the top-load? Any reasons?

  3. I have the Cabrio and hate it! If you leave any coins in the pockets or a button comes off during the wash it ends up in the washing machine pump. I have had my washer a year and have already had the pump replaced because of a button.

  4. I think the more I review, the more I get confused. Yes, easy for me to do. Why am I leaning towards a top-load you ask. Well, my laundry room is off the garage and that door acts as our main door into our home. With almost all the reviews on front loaders you have to leave the door open to air out. Even if I just creack it with kiddos running in and out it's bound to get taken off.

    Thanks for the Cabrio info!

  5. We have the Cabrios and I love them. I didn't want front loaders because I hate bending over. LOL We've had them for almost 2 years and I just LOVE them!

    I want to add though that I just read someone's blog about the price comparisons they did. That it was still cheaper to get a regular "cheap" top loader because they'll last just as long and have less maintenance, and yes they have to do more loads, but the cost was worth it.

  6. We JUST picked up a new Bosch dishwasher on Monday. My hubby did all the work with the comparisions and for the $, the Bosch was the best. We also got a $100 rebate so it was a no brainer! We did not go to HD, Lowes, Sears etc. either. I love it. Also I have a front loader and LOVE IT! Although the rubber ring on the inside that collects water - annoys me, but I dont leave it open to dry. I just throw a little bleach in once in a while to "clean it" on a quick run.
    Good luck!!

  7. I have the LG front loading washer/dryer. The lowest price model. I love it! I do leave the washer door open for a few hours after doing laundry to let it air out and I have never had a mold/mildew problem. It also cleans much better than my top loader.

  8. My brother got a Bosch front loader top of line model, they had problems with the spin cycle- it wanted to shake the whole house, and even though they never found mold, they could smell it on clothes. I have another friend and have read many blogs on the Kenmore and it seems to have the least friend loves his, but they were 1,000 a piece and he got it at sears. Good luck!

  9. I've had a Whirpool front loader for 5 years now and have never had a problem with the machine. I did have the mold odor problem at first, and finally figured out it was Tide laundry detergent doing it. I switched to All, and have never had a mold smell since. Now, Tide sells a product that will take the odor out of your machine for you, but IMO, it's the detergent, not the machine.


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