Tuesday, February 2, 2010

96 hours and counting...

Ok, I know that some parts of the country can do just fine with ¾ inches of ice and 6+ inches of snow.
But, here in Oklahoma we hunker down. Closing schools, churches and “extra” activities. We do not have the road crew equipment needed for such rare events {twice in the last 30 days!}. Nor, do most Oklahomans have any idea how to drive on this stuff.
So, we enjoy many snow days locked in at home.

Where we craft.
Using a cupcake as our inspiration piece.
Tearing shreds of paper to create valentines.
Turning the kitchen table into a tent.
Scooping clean snow for snow ice cream and making s ‘mores in the living room’s gas fireplace.

Taking 20 minutes getting dressed to go outside. Only to come back in 10 minutes later to go potty.
Catching snowflakes with our tongues.

I started a few Valentine projects.

Cleaned a few rooms. It’s amazing how bright snow can highlight all the dirt in your home!

And opened a new can of paint for an office makeover.

It’s so beautiful and still when we go out. So peaceful and quiet, it’s almost eerie.

This is where my tomatoes plants will go in just 60 days.

No sun again today…maybe no school again tomorrow… rain is coming on Wednesday {please no ice}. But, we still have electricity! God know's how much we I can handle {smile}!


  1. Kate, just checking to see if you got my e-mail. If not, my address if I was wanting the recipe. I promise I won't bug you again!! Love seeing all your cute projects!! How do you get so much done?

  2. I love that quiet that comes with snow, Kate! I love to just stand there and "listen" to it. Thankfully, you have electricity, but I hope you get to go out and about soon. It's a novelty the first couple of days, but then you start to get cabin fever.

  3. Oh I love this post. I love days like this also. You're pictures are wonderful!!!

  4. We have had the same scene here in AR. It looks like you have made the most of your time at home and your pictures are beautiful!

  5. I just love your photos...especially the second one. And what an AWESOME idea Snow Ice Cream is!! I'm totally stealing it someday (well...that is if we ever live somewhere that actually gets snow). :) Oh, and is that your BACKYARD?!? It's beautiful!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Be sure to post your Valentine crafts when you are finished. I am especially interested to see the end result of what looks like a canvas bag with a stencil over it. I see we both have Gabes!

  7. Your photographs and commentaries to go with them are inspired.

  8. You take gorgeous photos! The swingset one looks like a post card!

  9. P.S Thanks for checkin out my blog! Though I'd stop by yours too! :)


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