Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tick - Tock a Croc !

As we drove to our hotel we joked with the kids (trying to keep them entertained) about looking out the window for alligators and crocodiles! Explaining to them about how we were now in Gator Country!

So when we arrived at the hotel and checked in we saw this.

The kids and I thought it was cute and I explained that how it was a "play on words" as to where we were at. And that the hotel did not have alligator's or crocodiles.

So the next morning ,while getting ready, the kiddos were eating breakfast on the balcony and came in screaming ,at the top of their sweet little lungs , ALLIGATOR!!!!!!!!! Mommy we see an ALLIGATOR!!! So with a laugh and smile I followed them out to take a look.

And guess what I saw?
Yep, Tick - Tock!!

You can see it's eyes and nose swimming in the pond (on a golf course of all places).

Here he is just about to go behind that tree. And as Dori would say "just keep swimming"!

We were SOOOO close that the kiddos huddle together for safety {smile}.

We never did seem him again that week. However, Ryan and I used it to keep the kids close by us. Always reminding them that there could be an alligator around every corner!
Animal Kingdom ain't got nothin' on us!

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