Friday, August 21, 2009

This one won't fall down!

About eight years ago we purchased a wooden play set at our local Sam's. For years Hannah played on it and then in 2004 we even had the movers bring it to our new home. But the time had come, this past spring ,to take it down. It was a safety issue and we needed a new one.

That's when I started thinking... you see my dad is a welder. Not just any welder but also an artist. He designed and created both the kiddos beds. These pictures really do not do them justice.

Like all great artist's he is a bit slow and needs motivation! So last fall I began planting my seeds about how much the kids would love for him to build a swing set. I kept working at him and after we broke down the old set this past spring he finally found the time.

So, a few weeks ago, it arrived. We offered up a great dinner of take out pizza and bottled water. The least we could do for having him get a co-worker to help in 99* heat. It was only when he pulled up to the house did I realize just how big it was.It didn't take long for all the neighbor kids to realize that we had a front loader sitting in the driveway. Who needs movie night when you have heavy equipment to watch.It took a bit of Oklahoma red dirt digging and concrete mixing.
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And one happy little girl!

But it was done and then dad uttered those words every excited child loves to hear! You gotta' wait 3 days to let the concrete set before you can get on it!

So here she sets waiting to be (spray) painted. She will host a slide, four swings and a traipse bar. I'm afraid that she is here to stay! I'll show you the finished project just has soon as she's done!
In the meantime I'm working on dad to start making custom beds. He has no idea just what a hit they could be on etsy.

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