Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggied Jig...

We had a wonderful trip and I have so much to talk about it's scary.
Let's see if you can guess where we went.

85 bottles of water (frozen)
48 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper
1 rented all teriann stroller (for a 5 year old)
18,894 Brazilians (It's winter over there)
24 pins to trade
Mole Skin
Way to many Fast Passes

Yep, that's right The Happiest Place on Earth, Walt Disney World!

Let me just say it's A LOT bigger than DisneyLand. All the parks total up the same distance as the entire island of Manhattan! The last time I had visited was way before my child bearing years. So a totally different experience this time around.

Gabe and Hannah loved it and we enjoyed watching them take it all in.

We were shocked as this was hands down thier FAVORITE park of them all. We had only planned on one day at Epcot but they begged to go back the next. This is why Gabe loved it! The fastest ride in all of Disney. And he was just tall enough! This is him holding all his fast pass tickets to ride it FOUR times.

He also enjoyed riding the train around the Magic Kingdom taking him to his next adventure (I enjoyed the breeze it brought ). I stopped counting how many times he asked "Mama is this real?". It was hard for his 4 year old mind to take it all in.

You gotta stop by later this week. More on our trip, the REAL alligator at our hotel, my SLR camera under the weather and me dropping the point-in-shoot into the Atlantic!

I can't wait to be back in full swing next week and sharing what creative creations I have up my sleeve with you!

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