Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Great Watermelon

This spring we really ventured out when it came to garden planting.

{Note to self- leave kiddos at home when visiting Atwood's next year}

We have always grown our standard tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, bell pepper and onions. But this year the kids really wanted watermelon, cantaloupe and peanuts. So I buckled in pure desire just to check out and get home. We planted one random watermelon plant, one cantaloupe plant and two peanut plants.
And a few weeks ago we picked our very first watermelon! This one little plant has, so far , produced 8 large watermelon. The cantaloupe plant has given us 12 cantaloupes and the peanut plants are drying in the garage as I type.
Here they are loving on thier first melon.. Sometimes I am glad that I "give in" and listen to my kids. They have learned and enjoyed our garden more and more with each passing year. But let me tell you one little watermelon plant can take over your entire garden. Leason learned to till and larger row for them next year.

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  1. We have such cruddy luck with gardens. I'm sure a little more research would probably help! Every year it starts out looking awesome, we get so happy. And then everything starts to die... The first year we got NO watermelons. THey all burst. This year, we didnt PLANT any, but some sprouted up from last year. We got one melon. It was the round kind, not like yours. We picked the darn thing too soon and it wasnt sweet. Yours looks great though! Any tips on keeping the weeds out?


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