Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disney Breakdown...

I have had lots of emails with questions regarding our trip to Walt Disney World. And I am glad to see that we all are continuing to contribute to the economy and Walt Disney...we know he needs it. So with my camera sent away for repair I thought I would share a few pointers from Mr. Mouse Ears himself, my husband!
We decided to stay just off property at Orlando World Center Resort . There were many reasons as to why. First, we wanted to have a full kitchen and washer/dryer. Second, and most important, was for the kiddos to have their own bedroom and bathroom. Over our past travels it didn't take us long to realize if we are staying somewhere for over 10 nights we need space. Can I get an Amen!
Not that we ever stayed in the room much. But, on our first day we stopped by the local Wal-mart and purchased all our meals, drinks and trading pins. This was a HUGE savings and a much healthier option than eating at the parks for 10 days{cheap, cheaper, cheapest}. I prepared breakfast each morning , packed our lunch , headed back to the hotel to cook dinner then back to the parks. We allowed the kids to pick any one snack they wanted from the park's each day. They loved that and never asked for the $20 chicken nuggets,fries and a drink.
Here is a great little tip when you stay off property... Diamond Parking!! If you are a Triple A member you can ask for a FREE Diamond parking pass from Triple A or purchase one on eBay. This was a great time saver for us. We parked up front and didn't have to stand in line for a tram. The only parks that did not have Diamond parking were the water parks. And if you opt for character dinning choose to have a late breakfast at Chef Mickeys. It is located at the Contemporary Resort. As you drive into Disney take the far two lanes. Let them know you have reservations at Chef Mickey's. We let the kiddo's {and us} sleep in one day and took them to a late breakfast {10:30} at Chef Mickeys. Not only did we have a fabulous brunch you are allowed to park in their hotel for free. Then we walked across the street to Magic Kingdom. So we saved the $12.00 on parking for that day and only packed a snack due to the late breakfast.
Let your kiddos trade pins! My 9 and 4 year old loved this. We purchased the less expensive pins at Wal-mart and then they were able to trade them all over the parks for the better ones. There is even a Pin Trading station at Downtown Disney. So goggle it before you go and know all the {behind the scenes} rules and lingo. When you get home they can have pins that tell a story of all their favorite's. The best place for autographs is Epcot. They have all the characters lined up INSIDE the air conditioning and the wait was a short one. If you have a princess that wants to meet Tinker Bell she is located in Toon Town {Magic Kingdom}. Arrive when they open at 10:30 a.m. if you wish to see her. It still took us over 45 minutes waiting in line.
Some of the best snacks we had were the Dole Pineapple Floats in Adventure land and Snow Cones in Japan. Trust me one that one!
We took a "Disney" break for a few days and drove to the nearest beach, Cocoa. The water is not as clear as the Golf side but it was half the drive. On the first day we found a local and asked where the best spots where. Surfer boy told us where the free parking and no tourist spots on the beach were. And directed us here for a fabulous dinner at Port Canaveral. We ate on the patio enjoying sweet tea, fish and fried plantains. The kids enjoyed watching the ships come in and out.
And on one last note for the best seat at the Magic Kingdom set behind the castle at Pooh's Play house. The fireworks are shot off the tops of the buildings and right over your head. You can still see Tink fly out and without the crowds!

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  1. Great info and I will definately remember the area to sit for the fireworks show.

    Thanks for sharing....


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