Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update...Little Shack of a Shed.

Remember a few days ago when I talked about my neighbor and his annual sale? Well I got to preview it last night and look what I got.

I heart restaurant Buffalo China. I purchased 18 pasta bowls, 6 serving platters, 8 sugar packet holders and 12 oval side bowls.

Anytime I turn an item over and see this I can't help but smile!

Not only is there a million entertaining options for this stuff is timeless and sturdier than I'll get out!

I love old books ,not only to display, but to flip through. I found this family album with so much history. This picture is of a home in Dallas , TX at the turn of the century.

Below shows the families move to Galveston, TX and the construction of their project. The Galveston Beach Seawall.

From the families dress and interior home decor I believe they where very well-to-do.

I picked up a ,never been open, box of large Mason canning jars that will come in handy next Christmas for packaging gifts.

I was going to Hancock's this weekend to pick up three yards of red burlap for a 4th of July bash we are going to throw. Last night I got an entire 54inch roll of red burlap (30 yards) for for $2.00! Yes, I have a gigantic smile on my face!

I have absolutely NO idea where I am going to stick this little black desk. However, I just could not pass it up for $10.00! It may find it's way into the playroom for a coloring desk.

Another old neat music book. I just wished he had had some old cookbooks, my fav!

Little man came running up to me with this saying "look mom Babe". So we had to get it for his Yankee bedroom. I think he can recognize Yankee players better than his 1,2,3's.

A new little 12x12 Frisker paper cutter.

Dad said if I ever see any Shimano fishing rods with oval reels for about $35 to get it. I got this one for $9.00.

I spent 2 hours just digging through boxes ,with my kiddos running wild. I had by big pile and asked good ole Raymond what I owed him. He said $30.00!! Shut up! I loaded my car as fast as I could and went home.Can't wait till next June. You can bet I'll be back!

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