Monday, June 8, 2009

Boy...Have We "Arrived"!

It was the first weekend we didn't have an athletic event, of some type, to attend. Even though I had to work camp most of the day on Sunday. I was ready to tackle some things around the house.

Friday evening we began taking down Hannah's swing set. I wished I had taken some before and after shots. I think I was just to eager to get it down. It took us about two hours and it was done. Much shorter than the original 8 it took to put up! Sad but sweet we had gotten our 8 years of use out of it.

I can remember thinking why would anyone every put this in their back yard? And I had kids at the time! It has taken me a few years but I have come to realize that and in ground one is not in our near future. So, behold our new best backyard friend.... The Blue Elephant!

The kids LOVE it and have been in it every night this week. And we are loving the complete exhaustion that it brings! So if you are holding back my friends don't! I promise it's the best summer gift to yourself ever. Even if your husband moans about an new obstacle to mow around.
We took Saturday afternoon to run down the road to our local farm.
Driving buy and seeing this everyday.
Hannah and Gabe really wanted to stop and pick some. So we piled in and picked a few pints to make Strawberry Shortcake. You can tell I really thought ahead here. Everyone has flip flops on and coordinating outfits, HA!And I left my camera at home and was forced to use the iphone for some pics. The day did have a happy ending, as we made it just in time to catch Happy Hour at our local Sonic!
The weekend ended with a trip to Nana and Papa's for dinner and to pick up their old washing machine. Mine had decided Friday that it no longer wanted to be a part of our family and moved on. And we were in dire need of some clean towels. The nice thing about it was she had bought the same set as me a few years ago, so it still matched my dryer. Call me cheap but I am trying to justify spending $2,000.00 on a new washer dryer set. I hope that this will extend my purchase for a few more years.

The boys enjoyed some practice swings in Papa's back yard after dinner.

With our rigged up truck with washer and the new blue elephant. I would say we have "arrived "this weekend!

But when we got home everyone enjoyed this beautiful site from our backyard.

I think God is ,by far, is the best artiest I know!

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