Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day..

OK, so it's the Tuesday after Father's Day and I am finally taking the time to write a post. We had a great weekend!
Yard work, visiting the new Lego Store, pedicure's and time with the family. And I didn't even take one picture of any of the dad's!! What a slacker I am becoming!!!

I sprang out of bed at 6am Sunday morning with my heart pounding. See, I had offered , just the night before, to smoke a brisket for Lunch at my in-laws that afternoon. She had asked us to pick up pre-smoked ribs. But Ryan was hungry for my brisket. So we picked one up on the way home Saturday night. By my calculations I needed to get the brisket in the oven at 4am! No problem! I set my alarm and somehow ,in my sleep, turned it off without even waking up. You gotta love that. So at 6am I get the brisket in and have to cook it at a bit higher temp in hopes that I could get it to cook in the 6 hours I needed it to! When cooking a brisket always remember longer is better. Your meat needs to be tender and fall into shreds. We ate it just fine but I knew what could have been.

We headed over to my sisters house later that evening to spend some time with my dad. Enjoying homemade ice cream and cupcakes from our new favorite spot
Cookies -n- Cards!! They are to die for!

The kids enjoyed some slip-n-slide action in the 100* heat!

Baby, It's summertime in Oklahoma!

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