Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make Your Cupcake Mobile!


It was Family Fun night at school. I had baked, and dropped off, my goodies for the cake walk. Then received an urgent email, 4 hours before the event, they were really short on baked goods and needed backup ASAP!

Hmmm...I threw my superhero cape on a ran to my local Homeland . Purchased a dozen pre-made cupcakes. Then realized  I needed to get the most bang for my buck!

Somehow I had to be able to wrap them individually so cake walkers could pick and take.


So I used what I had on hand: Small clear solo cups, clear bags and ribbon.

Dropped a cupcake in each and tied them up!

Perfect for taking and passing out! I really can’t wait to try this for class parties etc.

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  1. Kate,
    What a super idea. They are too cute like that. Thanks for sharing. I will for sure remember this.

  2. You did great in a pinch. I think they are cute for anytime!

  3. Well, you really came up with an amazing idea! I am thinking these are great birthday party favors!

  4. I love packaging like this too.... I cut a hole in the side of my cups so the receiver can get the cupcake back out easily. So cute! They are so lucky to have you!

  5. Kate, I don't know who told me about your blog, but you have the cutest ideas! I have never commented before, but this idea made my jaw drop and I had to thank you for it. I love it! I will be using it soon and often! Thanks so much!

  6. That's such a GREAT idea!!!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Lusi x

  7. Love this and want to try this but how do the kids get the cupcakes out? Do you use a spoon or fork? Thanks


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