Friday, March 4, 2011

Grad Gift Idea

It's getting oh so close to that time of year again, when those sweet tiny little kiddos we have known for years up and decide to graduate high school or college!

Sometimes it can be hard, in this day and age, to think of a thoughtful token, other than hard cold cash {smile}!

I like gifting framed quotes that are individualized for the graduate.

So, I created this little print out in a 5X7 to gift a sweet friend as she graduates college. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you for FREE.

Simply click HERE, print and frame! I picked up this cute little frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

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Folks this is a first for me. I would have never dreamed in a million years I would have written something someone else had! I thought of the above quote for a dear girl that believed in what she could do and made it happen! Come to find out I’m not the first! Click HERE to read Suzanne Berry’s full story on how she landed her dream job with Hallmark.  If I Google everything I have every thought up, it might be shocking to see that I am not as original as I thought!


  1. You really need to be careful when using copyrighted material as your own & posting it online.
    This exact sentiment is the copyrighted property of Hallmark Cards, Inc.

  2. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.
    In all honesty I had NO idea that was a copyrighted quote! I create my own thoughts all the time and it has had never accrued to me to Google and see if they already exist. Honest I am shocked I came up with something, word for word, that has been a Hallmark quote! What are those chances? I am far from great when it comes to writing anything.
    This was my own thought about a dear friend whom I needed a quick gift for. I have a feeling with the over thousands and thousands and thousands of cards that Hallmark, and other card creators design I am sure that many people rewrite the same thoughts and feelings.
    I have NO intent on selling or profiting from this thought at all. It was an original thought created by my daughter and me that I just wanted to share.
    I wished you would have left your contact info so we could have discussed it.

  3. Anonymous at IP ID# 162.94.28.# (Hallmark Cards)

    Please contact me via email

    Thank you!

  4. Very cute! I'm sure she will love it even it's your thoughts and someone else's from Hallmark. People are funny!


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