Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attack Update!

Our hearts our overflowing with all the thoughts and prayers for Gabe. Thank you all for such sweet encouraging words and prayers. As they have been answered!

He is doing so well and I wanted to update you on where we are at today!

Excuse the pictures as they were all taken with my camera phone.

Big sister Hannah has been so kind and loving to little man these past few days. Leaving him little notes to find throughout his day while she was at school.

Taking time to help him build his Lego’s just the way he likes to do it, rather than following the instructions. This is Gabe just two days out from the attack. His face is swollen but you can still see his smile!

This was Wednesday and he is giving me two thumbs up about how he was feeling. We were getting ready to go and visit with his kindergarten class. He started to hide in the house when it was time to go. But, with a gentle nudge from mom and a quick shout out to God we did it and he was so relieved.

 His pediatrician encouraged to get him back to his normal routine as soon as possible. So we encouraged him to join his beloved t-ball team, the Venom, cheering them on from the bench. He even got to hit that night! We were all holding our breath but he was brave and did it!

His team honored him with an autographed ball and a few of his favorite things.

And here Gabe was this morning just after we had the stitches and staples removed. Poor little guy was beyond stressed to go back and have them taken out. But he remained calm and still, allowing the doctor to work fast. Then it was a quick trip to Chick-fil-a and back to school today!

He still has NO memory of anything, and his doctor said he probably never will. What a blessing he does not have to relive it in his mind.


  1. I am so glad that he is feeling okay. I hope his recovery continues to be a good one.

    On a side note, my daughter recently had to have stitches on her face after an accident. The two words of advice I have to minimize the scar is maderma and sunscreen. more like maderma and sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Out of three doctors and an aestetician, the only thing they all agreed on was that keeping sunscreen on the scars for the first year will make the world of difference.

  2. SO glad he has no memory and wow, he's looking great!!

  3. What a brave little guy! I am so happy he is recovering so well! Love his sweet smile!

  4. Praying for sweet Gabe. So grateful to hear he is doing well. So grateful to hear he has no memory of what happened.

  5. That is so wonderful he is doing so well! I am so pleased for you all. What a sweetie Hannah is too.

  6. I am speechless and that takes a lot, but you said it best: God is so good. Have a great weekend!

  7. Kate- I just sat here and bawled like a baby reading this post. And to think I have known the story almost since it happened, but reading it here broke me down! He is such an amazing little lucky to have the sis and parents he has. You have given him such an amazing gift in knowing God!


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