Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We had some out of town family visiting us this weekend so I was super excited when my upholstery lady called me last Friday night to tell me my chairs where ready!

I could hardly wait to bring them home.

Here is what they looked like before…
And here is what they look like now.
I got both wingback chairs for $10.00 from my neighbor’s yard sale early this spring. I had been looking for wingback chairs for almost a year. So I was giddy when I carried them, one by one, back across the pasture that we share with our neighbor.
They sat and waited patiently has I hunted for fabric that would complement this crazy chair that we already had.
I asked her to add tufting to the back.
And antique nail head trim.
My overall cost for both of these chairs was far less that what I would have paid to purchase one at my local furniture store. I hope to talk her into teaching me how to upholster; I can’t imagine anything more exciting to learn!

Notice those pictures above the chairs? I can’t wait to tell you about those tomorrow!


  1. Those are stunning! And that fabric is beautiful. What an amazing deal!

  2. Beautiful! I want to learn how to reupholster a wing back chair too!

  3. Love your chairs -- those turned out beautiful!


  4. Holy smokes! Looks amamzing! Great fabric selection!

  5. oh wow Kate those are GORGEOUS!!! You have to be pickled pink lol
    LOVE them!


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