Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year...

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

I know many Halleluiahs have been shouted by moms across the country as the kiddos head back to school.
As always we MUST take our traditional first day of school pictures.
I do my best to make sure that the sun is eye blinding in front of my sun fried geraniums.
Fill little man’s heart full of joy for his first day of kindergarten. You think he could at least fake some excitement.
Fresh back packs ready to be drug through God knows what over the next 9 months.
As I look at this picture I realize that outfit #2,626,258 is a tad bit short in the back. I have my fingers crossed that it’s just her back pack hiking it up for her.
Thumbs up heads down it’s time to head to school!
My hope is the new shoes don’t cause long lasting blisters and much unneeded drama.

There had been much discussion with me walking Gabe to his class the first day of kindergarten. He did not want ANY part of that. But I had a plan…

Telling him I was just going to get out of the car to take a picture in front of the school. Then he paused and started at the front doors. I asked him if he wanted me to follow him. He shrugged his shoulders and said I think so.
So I followed him to his class {no hand holding} when he turned and yelled stop!
And off he went without evening looking back. I realized that my job was done and he was eager to start on his new adventure.



  1. Aww... how adorable! They both look so cute and ready to start a new school year! How fun is that for the mascot to be outside of school... I love that!! :) Enjoy your day! ;)

  2. I would have cried - oh wait I did CRY! lol Kindergarten was hard for me.. now I have one off to college next month. ugh
    These pics are wonderful!
    I love love how your daughter is dressed. Its just like my 11 year old. They love the chucks, dont they?
    I hope you can stop over my blog for my 1st giveaway!!

  3. Loved your title! Yes, as a mom to 2 girls ages 11 & 14, this is my favorite time of the year - dare I say even more than Christmas for me!

    There's a Staples office supply commercial where that song is played and it shows a dad joyfully singing and dancing down the aisles picking out school supplies while his kids look on rather expressionless. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

    I'm in So. Calif. and we don't start school until Sept. 8, so we have a little less than 3 weeks to still savor of summer and homework free schedules.

    Good luck to your kiddos in school. And I love that the school mascot was out and about by your school marque for photo opportunities!

  4. So very cute! Hope they both have great years at school!


  5. That is where I went to elementary school! So many fun memories. :)

  6. Awwww.... it is so nice to have kids who will allow the first day of school pictures! I complained to my husband that the boys didn't let me take their pictures (9th and 11th grades) and he said. "Oh I got one walking into school." Nothing like a dad taking your picture walking in to high school for the first time!


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