Thursday, August 5, 2010

Framing Book Pages

You know the look…everywhere you look it seems people are doing it, framing botanical prints in wall groupings. I love the look and have been looking for a used botanical print book for about a year. When I came across this…

If you are a reader of this tiny little blog you know my love for NYC. So I thought these 1920 drawings of the city by Tony Sarg would look perfect framed for a wall grouping.
I picked eight different pictures.
China town

Broadway and Grand Central Station

You can find a black frame ,with a wide mat, just about anywhere now days.

We settled on a grouping of eight and it was just perfect. Not only adding color but reminding me of the city this country girl loves!


  1. The colors are great in these, Kate! Love the way they look framed and on your wall!

  2. Oh, I love this so much. I just went to NY for the first time last weekend and LOVED it. I would have screamed if I found this book!

  3. Totally lovin it! I am not a collage-y person, but this looks so amazing and so sophistacted, everything is perfect. Great job!

  4. Wow -- that turned out fabulous! What a great look!


  5. I love those prints! Such great colors and those chairs you reupholstered look fab!


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