Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The time has come...T-ball!

I am going to show you a glimpse into my future. A glimpse of what the next 12 + years will look like for me.

That’s right little man had his first t-ball game.
Crazy me volunteered to keep the score book…just this ONE year!
Many, many, more days and nights of double headers, rain delays and a trunk full of blankets and yard chairs.

God only knows how many wins and losses lay ahead of us. And a shiver just went down my back as I realized  I will be near 50 when I finally  have a spring free of attending more than my share of baseball games.

And sadly I think that it’s going to all go by so very, very fast.


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  2. thanks for stopping by a little lovely! your blog is so cute! good luck with your Yankees pin stripes :)

  3. Oh my goodness - SOOO cute! I absolutely can't wait for Carter to do t-ball some day (he is only 14 months old now, so I have awhile - haha!). Love the pictures!

  4. I read your post and just laughed and laughed! My oldest is 12 and we are on our 8th year of ball. I volunteered to keep score our first year and have been sucked in every season since. We now have all 3 kids playing and the oldest is on 2 teams! Best of luck to you! Enjoy every minute!

  5. I snapped a picture of my 14 year old walking toward the car after school, and I couldn't stop looking at it. Time has flown by so fast. She will be in high school next year. I remember 6 and 7 so clearly. Best of luck with the score keeping.


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