Monday, May 24, 2010

My Decrapification Weekend!

God Bless my Mother-in-law!

She texted me Friday afternoon wondering if both the kids could come home with her and stay the weekend. Then meet up at the Zoo on Sunday afternoon.

It was all I could do to get my little fingers to text my reply back fast enough…SURE THING!

See, I had BIG plans for the weekend already.

No more early soccer games, no T-ball game and no home baseball games. Ryan was on the road and we had the weekend to ourselves. And now I had it all to myself.

I contemplated calling friends to go shopping with pedicures {sigh}. Reading books on my “have to read” list. But I stayed strong and stuck to my guns.

 And as any thrifty check would say… the time had come to start the decrapification of our garage.
It was a mess!
Yes, we could park both cars in but the ongoing pile of “crap” that had begun to collect was getting out of control.
I took everything that you see here out of the garage and dressed up our entire front yard. I had many slow drive by’s trying to access if it was a yard sale, or just the aftermath of our recent tornado outbreaks.
All that was left was the deep freeze and sink. I scrub down the ceiling walls and floor. And if I had planned ahead this would have been the perfect time to paint.
Before anything came back in I hosed it down and decided if it had earned a spot back in our garage. {Please note that the clothing is hanging there after I cleaned out our master closet. I think we will have a small yard sale before taking it all to Goodwill.}
6 hours 9 minutes and 23 seconds later I was done! And without a doubt this would have been a two day project with the kids around.
Granted the next morning this body needed a bit of help trying to move it’s stiff and aching muscles.

Now it’s on to the decrapification of our attic. I wonder what the weight load is for those beams up there?


  1. It looks great, Kate! You should have gone for a massage afterward! : ) I don't even want to think about our attic. Between bins filled with matchbox cars and Barbies, I'm sure there is stuff up there I haven't seen for years. Although, before it gets too hot, I should probably check it out and see if there is anything I can get rid of or donate.

  2. Will you come do my garage as well???

    Nice job!!!!

  3. You did a great job! Isn't it satisfying, getting those things off your list? To be able to do it on your own - oh, I dream of those times.

  4. Can you come over and decrapify my basement??!!

  5. I try to get this done at least once every 6 mths, but somehow it's more like once every 9 mths. Perhaps I can plan a mini summer vacation for the kids and send them off! :)
    Always get so much more done without them, I've even been known to rush through it so I can sit in a clean and quiet house for a while, lol


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